The discovery of 2000 mummified ram heads in the temple of the greatest pharaoh in Egypt! + Photo

More than 2,000 mummified ram heads have been discovered in the Abydos temple belonging to King Ramses II in Egypt. The age of these mummies is apparently more than 4300 years ago returns Along with the heads of rams, mummies of dogs, wild goats, cows, deer and ostriches have also been found in this site, which were buried in this temple in honor of the greatest pharaoh of the era of the modern Egyptian kingdom.

According to Reuters, archaeologists found these mummies 435 kilometers south of Cairo. Egyptians apparently about 1000 years after death Ramesses II These mummies have been placed in his memory in this area. Dr. “Same Iskandar”, the head of this exploration project, says that it is generally believed that rams and other animals were used as offerings.

Scientists say that along with the rest of the animals, they managed to discover A large building It is said that the diameter of its walls reaches about five meters. In this building, they have found several statues, the remains of several trees, leather shoes, clothes and a kind of straw paper known as papyrus.

Researchers are increasing their understanding of the Egyptian city of Abydos

Sameh Iskandar claims that this discovery can complete our understanding of the landscape of the ancient city Abydos Before building the temple of Ramesses II, he helped. This project was done with the help of researchers from the Institute of Ancient World Studies, a branch of New York University.

Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, probably lived for about 90 years and is considered one of the most prominent pharaohs of Egypt. His mummy was discovered in 1881 and is now on display in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo.

Ramses II is also called by the Greek name “Ozymandias”. He was the third ruler of the 19th dynasty of the Egyptian kingdom, who achieved great fame during the New Kingdom period. This period, which dates back to the 11th to the 3rd century BC, represents the most glorious period of ancient Egypt.

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