The discovery of a huge 2300-year-old mysterious underground tunnel under a temple in Egypt + photos

Archaeologists in Egypt managed to discover a huge ancient tunnel under a temple in the city of Taposiris Magna, west of Alexandria. Egypt have became. This tunnel, which is 1305 meters long at a depth of 20 meters, was used to transport water and is about 300 years before Christ Is.

The amazing Tapuziris tunnel was used to transport water to thousands of citizens during the reign of one of the generals of Alexander the Great. This tunnel has now been discovered by a group of archaeologists from Egypt and the Dominican Republic.

Kathleen Martinez, a Dominican archaeologist and head of the project’s team of explorers, says that the ancient Egyptians built this tunnel with Two meters high “This tunnel is an exact copy of the Eupalinus tunnel in Greece, which is considered one of the most important achievements of ancient times.” The Eupalinos tunnel was also used to transport water.

The ancient Egyptian tunnel is related to the Ptolemaic period

The temple town of Taposiris is archaeologically complex. A part of it has gone under water and a part has suffered a lot of damage due to the impact of several earthquakes. This tunnel dates back to Ptolemaic period (around 304 to 30 years BC) goes back.

Sculptures discovered in the Egyptian tunnel

In this tunnel, says Martinez Two plaster marble heads It has been found that one of them probably represents the king and the other represents another high-ranking person. The exact identity of these two people is not known. In addition, coins and remains of statues of Egyptian gods have been discovered in this tunnel.

When this tunnel was built, the population of Tapoziris Magna was between 15 and 20 thousand people. This tunnel is built under a temple which is a memorial for OsirisGod of the underworld in Egyptian mythology Isiswas his wife. Previous excavations in this temple led to the discovery of a large collection of coins with the face of Cleopatra VII. Research in the city of Tapoziris is still ongoing.

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