The discovery of a strange object that violates the laws of physics with its intense brightness!

Scientists have observed a phenomenon in space that has too much light and according to the rule it should disintegrate, but this did not happen and it broke one of the laws of physics. This phenomenon is included in the group of objects called ULX and their brightness is usually approx 10 million times the sun yogurt.

According to NASA, researchers with the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), which surveys the universe’s high-energy rays, have recently confirmed that an “ultra-luminous X-ray source” (ULX) called M82 X-2 Undoubtedly, it provides more energy and light than acceptable. Although theories have suggested that we think these sources are too luminous due to an optical illusion, this is not the case for M82 X-2.

Astronomers believed that ULXs were black holes, but M82 X-2 is one neutron star Is. The remaining neutron stars are stars like the Sun. These stars have such a high density that the gravity on their surface is approx 100 trillion times the Earth Is. As a result, anything absorbed by them and falling on the surface of the star will create an explosive effect.

How does the MX82 X-2 star break the laws of physics?

Now researchers have found that M82 X-2 annually ca 1.5 times Volume the earth It consumes matter, and when this matter hits the surface of the star, there are large flashes of light that astronomers are able to see.

Researchers believe that these findings can explain the mechanisms that violate the laws of physics in M82 X-2. Their idea is that the strong magnetic field in this neutron star The shape of atoms changes and causes this star to be able to maintain its integrity despite continuous illumination.

“These observations allow us to see the effects of these extremely strong magnetic fields that we can never recreate on Earth with current technologies,” says Matthew Bacchetti, astrophysicist at the Cagliari Astronomical Observatory. This is the beauty of astronomy; “We can’t set up experiments to get answers quickly, so we have to wait for the universe to reveal its secrets to us.”

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