The end of Dead Island 2

Deep Silver has confirmed that the development stages of the action game Dead Island 2 have been completed and that the game will be released a week earlier than the previously announced date.

After years of delays and changes in the developer studio several times, a few hours ago, Deep Silver officially confirmed that the development stages of Dead Island 2 have ended and the game has been so-called Gold.

Dambuster Studios, known as the developer of the reboot of this game since 2019, also announced that Dead Island 2 will finally be available on April 21, 2023 instead of April 28, 2023 (May 8, 1402). Fans of this series on PC through Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S is placed.

In this way, the release time of Dead Island 2 will not interfere with Respawn Studio’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, which was recently delayed to April 28, and gamers will have the opportunity to experience the zombie-filled world of Dead Island 2 before it is time for an epic adventure in the world. Star Wars will be available.

Dead Island 2 gameplay

The story of Dead Island 2 places players in a large open world full of zombies San Francisco and Los Angeles. Escaping from the large quarantine of the crisis-ridden state of California in the form of the story part and the three-person co-op part of the game will be the main goal of gamers, and along the way, many weapons and offensive forces will be available for this purpose.

At first, the German studio Yager Productions, which has made the game Spec Ops: The Line, took over the development of this project after the decision of the Techland game team to make the Dying Light game in 2012. Years of development in this studio did not bring much results, and in 2016, Deep Silver announced the transfer of the game’s development stages to Sumo Digital. After canceling the production of this version of the game, the newly established Dambuster Studios finally started the development process of the game from scratch, and fans can finally see the result of this team’s work in about two months.

All players who purchase any copy of the game digitally will receive the Memories of Banoi bundle, which includes two unique weapons and several skills, at launch. The expansion post or season pass content of the game, two packs to receive new playable characters and the Pulp weapon bundle, which includes several different and powerful weapons, along with a pistol and a golden mace, will be exclusive content available to buyers of the expensive Gold Edition of the game. .

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