The end of the Succession series with the fourth season

The creator of the Succession series announced that the next season of this series will be the end of the four seasons of this series on HBO.

Jesse Armstrongthe creator and showrunner of Succession, which has been instrumental in HBO’s post-Game of Thrones success, has announced that the show will end for good with its fourth season.

In an interview with the New Yorker newspaper, Armstrong says about this: “There are certain limitations in continuing a legacy. I never imagined that the series was going to last forever. The ending of the story has always been somehow present in my mind. Ever since the second season, I’ve been trying to figure out: Is this the last one? Or [فصل] next one? Or maybe the season after that?

Armstrong goes on to say that after holding lengthy meetings with the show’s other writers in the final months of 2021, the final decision was made that instead of producing ongoing annual seasons or splitting the final content of the story into two miniseries or multiple spinoffs, the group decided to focus all his attention on making the fourth season of the Succession series in the best and most complete way possible.

Also, at the end, Armstrong confirmed that HBO’s full support and support of the series production team has continued from the beginning to this day, and the network managers have left the final decision regarding the continuation or ending of the series in the fourth season to the team of writers Armstrong, Nick Breitel and Mark Mylad. They were.

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also Casey Blues, the chairman and CEO of HBO had previously ruled out the possibility of creating spin-offs for the Succession universe without the involvement of Armstrong and his team of writers, which is contrary to the norm for other major television series and series on many networks these days. Of course, Armstrong believes that there are still many opportunities and situations to continue the story of the Roy family and other characters in the world of this collection in the future.

At the moment, HBO has not reacted to the publication of this news by the series showrunner, but the spokesperson of Warner Bros.’s television unit has confirmed the authenticity of Armstrong’s statements in an interview with the New Yorker.

Adam Godley, Annabeth Gish, Eli Harboy And Johannes Johansson The new actors of the fourth season of this series will be on the side Hayam Abbas, Nicholas Brown, Brian Cox, Kernan Culkin, Peter Friedman, Natalie Gold, Arin Moayed, J. Smith-Cameron And Fisher Stevens, the last chapter of the book will narrate the crises of Roy’s rich family. The broadcast of the fourth season of the Succession series will begin on March 26, 2023 (April 6, 1402) on HBO.

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