The F-16 fighter will be equipped with an electronic warfare defense system + photo

Northrop Grumman has successfully tested the AN/ALQ-257 Viper Integrated Electronic Warfare Suite, or IVEWS for short, on the US Air Force’s Verified Intelligence Simulator (LIVE) platform. This system is used in current and previous generation F-16 fighters to protect them against modern electronic threats.

With the advancement of electronic devices in military equipment, a new type of weapons has emerged that countries must make their fighters resistant to. Even if there was the slightest doubt about the use of these equipment in wars, the war between Russia and Ukraine showed that these tools can have a variety of uses.

Electronic warfare defense system for F-16 fighter

According to Northrop Grumman’s statement, IVEWS is a fully digital system based on an open and modular systems design. The IVEWS receiver architecture has undergone many improvements, leading to significant improvements in overall performance over its predecessors.

F-16 fighter

The system tested by Northrop Grumman provides extended frequency, full spatial coverage and fast responses. The company has also added to its system features such as highly efficient broadband power amplifier and adaptive modulation designed for countermeasures to detect, detect and defeat the latest generation of sensors and weapons.

Northrop Grumman has used the US Air Force’s LIVE system to test the efficiency and effectiveness of its system; A system housed in a closed-loop RF direct threat radar simulator. The platform can send signals to the IVEWS in a way that simulates an electronic warfare attack in real-world environments.

In tests, the IVEWS system has been able to perform very successfully against modern radio threats. This system is supposed to be installed on the current and previous generation F-16 fighters of the United States Air Force.

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