The fastest growing consumer app in history

You probably have the same name ChatGPT You may have heard of OpenAI’s big language model-based artificial intelligence that has been making most of the tech news lately. Now, new reports say this chatbot has become the fastest growing app in history.

Several sources, including Reuters, have stated that ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing app in history, based on a new analysis by Swiss investment bank UBS.

Increase ChatGPT users and visits

UBS noted that ChatGPT hit 100 million monthly active users (MAUs) in January, just two months after the app’s public launch, based on data collected from Similarweb. By the end of last month, about 13 million visitors visited this bot daily.

Those numbers nearly doubled from December, when the app had about 57 million monthly active users and about six million daily hits, according to UBS. For comparison, Reuters explains in its report that TikTok reached 100 million users worldwide about nine months after its launch. Also, Instagram reached this benchmark after two and a half years.

While ChatGPT’s growth may not be surprising given its immense popularity, new statistics from UBS reveal more than simple popularity. The Swiss bank analyst says:

“We can’t think of another program that has grown at this rate. “In the 20 years since the Internet was introduced, we cannot remember a faster growth for a consumer Internet application.”

Not only has OpenAI managed to gain traction with ChatGPT, it has also received billions in new funding from Microsoft. The software giant announced earlier this month that it was investing several billion dollars in the company that made ChatGPT, and recently added it to Thames to improve online meetings. Also, this startup has entered an unprecedented competition with reputable technology giants such as Google.

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