The FBI has been testing facial recognition systems on Americans for years

According to new documents released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), FBI and Pentagon officials in the past have Face recognition system “No Limits,” which can be used on street cameras, mobile drones, and police body cameras, has tried.

The project, codenamed Janus (the name of the Roman god with two opposite faces), aims to develop highly advanced facial scanning technology that can scan people’s faces in a wide range of public places. In some cases, researchers believed that this advanced technology could detect targets from 1,000 meters away.


According to experts who spoke to Gizmodo, the advanced surveillance capabilities outlined in the documents potentially pose “truly unprecedented threats” to personal privacy and civil liberties, especially given the lack of any federal privacy protections. in USA.

Nathan Fried Wessler, vice president of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, explained to Gizmodo:

“The U.S. government is experimenting with a terrifying technological capability that would enable the ubiquitous tracking of all individuals in a way that has never been possible in a free society. “Legislators must prevent the development of such technology before it is too late.”

Opposition to the facial recognition system

However, the website Engget explains that legislation to ban the government’s use of facial recognition has reached the Senate for the third time. If passed, the bill would prohibit any use of facial recognition or biometric surveillance by the federal government unless authorized by an act of Congress.

It should also be clearly defined who is authorized to use the biometric surveillance system, as well as the exact type of system and the specific purpose for which it is being used.

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