The feature to open the app by tapping the back of the device came to Samsung phones

Samsung recently launched a personalization application Good Lock has updated for Android 13 and One UI 5. In this version, you can open the desired app or perform various tasks by tapping the back of the device two or three times. In addition, you can define new functions for the button on the side of the body and change the layout of the settings menu.

Samsung users have recently received attractive software updates. In the latest update, a new feature has been created. This feature allows users to Hit two or three timesTheHit on the back of the body, do a specific task or open a specific app. Personalization of this feature through a module in Good Lock called RegiStar May.

What other features does Samsung’s new version of Good Lock have?

Using this module, users can change the layout of the settings menu so that the most used options are seen on top of the rest. Users can also now Power button personalize That is, in addition to the possibility of accessing the power menu or opening the personal voice assistant, you can access the sound options, the flash light and the Recent Apps page or open the desired app. Of course, there are other possibilities that we leave to you to check.

Galaxy settings menu layout
Power button customization options

Now you can access your favorite app in three ways: tap on the device, use the power button or go inside the device and touch its icon as before. The only weak point of this method is probably the notification that appeared in the notification center section and constantly shows that the device is ready to detect the impact on the back of the body.

Samsung introduced the Good Lock app as a way to personalize the user interface of its devices. Users can add modules to this software and perform their desired actions.

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