The festival of action scenes and explosions in the new trailer of Netflix’s Extraction 2 movie

Netflix new trailer of The movie Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth has released, where we see many action scenes and explosions.

according to the latest Cinema and TV newsA new trailer of Extraction 2 has been released. In the new trailer for the sequel to the movie Extraction, which Netflix released today, we see new images of how Tyler Rick was saved and returned to the battlefield. In the new trailer of this action movie, we see many images from attractive and uncut action scenes to multiple explosions. In fact, it seems that the movie Extraction 2 will be bigger than the first part in every way. You can watch this interesting trailer below:

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After Tyler Rick barely survived the events of the first film, he’s back as a Black Ops mercenary to take on another deadly mission in Extraction 2. He has to save a wounded and damaged family from the prison of a very ruthless Georgian gangster group, and in the meantime, he has to get them out of prison first and then out of this country. Also, Netflix has released three new posters of Extraction 2, which you can see below:

Helicopter chasing Chris Hemsworth in the new Extraction 2 movie poster

Chris Hemsworth struggles in prison and fights fire in the new Extraction 2 movie poster

Chris Hemsworth saving a little girl in the new Extraction 2 poster

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Chris Hemsworth At The role of Tyler Rick, Golshifteh Farahani as Nick Khan, Adam Bessa, Daniel Barnhart, Tinatin Dalakishvili, Cindy Phelps and Justin Howell are among the actors who are present in the movie Extraction 2 and played roles. It is said that in the sequel of the movie Extraction, we are going to see a 14-minute action sequence without cuts. Also like the first part, Joe Russo He was responsible for writing the script for the second part of this action movie.

In addition, Joe Russo, along with his brother, Anthony Russo As a producer, they are present in the sequel of the movie Extraction, and the company AGBO, which belongs to these two brothers, has been responsible for the production of the movie Extraction 2. Netflix had previously announced that more than 99 million users of the network had watched the movie Extraction in the first 4 weeks of its release. As with the first part, Sam Hargrave directed Extraction 2.

Extraction 2 will be released on Netflix on June 16.

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