The final battle of Iranian mythology

The story of Iranian mythology is always about The battle between good and evilLight and darkness are bad and good. With the passing of 9 thousand years since the creation of existence by Ahuramazda, witness together The creation of the Minoan world and AmshaspandanAhriman’s attack, his falling asleep, the creation of the material world and Ahriman’s awakening again creation of demons We were with The attack of the army of demons on the material worldAhriman and his soldiers were imprisoned on the ground and darkness and evil came over the pure creation of Ahuramazda.

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
The way we have traveled so far in Iranian mythology

here after The age of humans And their rule began on earth and with the arrival of different kings of Iranshahr and its heroes, they were formed and finally at the end of the third period of three thousand years, Zarathustra was commissioned by Ahura Mazda to introduce people to the Lord and his gods.

The beginning of a new era, the Ushidar millennium

In the last thirty years Zoroastrian era And in the last three thousand years of existence, his sperm enters the body of a maiden named Namik Ped (meaning one who has a father) by drinking the water of a lake called Kyanse, and Ushidar or Hoshidar is born. When Ushidar Khursheed’s thirtieth birthday arrived, the sun remained at the top of the sky for ten days and nights, the same place where it was created at the beginning of creation, so that everyone would know that a new age had begun. During this period, Oshidar reached the position of dialogue with Ahura Mazda, and thanks to that three years of continuous spring was established on the earth, and Oshidar’s millennium began.

Thirty years before the end of the Oshidar millennium, this time also a Behdin (Zoroastrian) lady named Wehped (one who has a good father) went to the Kayanse lake and drank from it, and then she had a child whom she named Oshidermah and with When he reaches his thirtieth year, the sun stands at the top of the sky for twenty days and nights so that the people of the world know that the Ushidar millennium has ended and the Ushidarmah millennium has begun.

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
The end of the Ushidar millennium and the beginning of the Ushidarmah millennium

This time also thanks to talking with Ahura Mazda, continuous spring occurs for six years; The milk of the sheep reaches its maximum, and the demons of hunger and thirst become weak and people, by eating only one meal, do not need food for three days and nights.

Peace, reconciliation, familiarity and happiness will be established between people, no one will die due to disease, and plants and animal milk will be so abundant that people will not need to eat meat and even reach the point where they will only drink water and eat minnows. soul) are satisfied.

The appearance of destruction

At the end of the Oshidarmah period, a big snake emerges from the earth, which according to Iranian mythology represents all the annoying reptiles, and on the other hand, all the wolves (the symbol of Ahriman) gather and become a single and huge wolf. (Similar to the characters of Yurmgander and Fenrir in Norse mythology)

People fight against these strange and monstrous creatures, and when they succeed in destroying them, blood flows from them, which flows for miles and burns and destroys the earth and plants, and this is where Jahi (the same female demon who killed Ahriman) appears again. He woke up from a three-thousand-year sleep) comes out of the ground and once again announces the arrival of the demonic army.

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
Destruction covers existence once again

This is where Laughter From Fereydon Band He is released and resumes ruling over the court and the people and pollutes and harms water, fire, plants and people. Water, fire and plants have taken their complaints to the Lord and they ask him to raise Fereydoun once again to destroy Zahhak once and for all.

Amshaspandan wakes up Revan Fereydoun, but he declares his inability to defeat Zahhak and assigns this mission to Gershasb. Here too, the spirit of Khosrow woke up Gershasb and Gershasb managed to destroy Zahhak by throwing an arrow.

You are the savior of mankind in the last battle

Where are those who are surrounded by the light of truth, who stand strong against the vengeful demon, and indeed, O Mazda, these are the saviors, the sushiants, who have risen to fight with Divan and the idol worshipers to impose religion.

Thirty years before the end of the dark period of Ushidarmah, a Zoroastrian woman named Gawagped (one who has a forgiving father) drank from the water of the Kayanse lake and then gave birth to a child named Susyans (Susyant – sudersan or deliverer and liberator). This child is bright like the sun and with six eyes (it seems that six eyes are meant very carefully) looks everywhere to find the way to completely destroy the demons and eradicate corruption.

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
Sushyant, the savior of mankind

This time, at the age of 30, Sushyant reached the position of talking to the Lord and Amshaspandan, and this time the sun stood in the sky for 30 days and nights. On the way back from talking to the Lord, Kay Khosrow Riding on the god Vayu, he comes to meet Sushyant and on the way talks about his good deeds during his life, including destroying Afrasiab Turani.

Sushyant asks Ki Khosro to introduce him to atheistic religion (Zoroastrianism) and in this way, according to the religious principles of Ki Khosro, Sushyant becomes the ruler and Sushyant becomes the leader of the era to destroy the devil forever.

Signs of the coming of the Savior

According to Iranian mythology, ten signs appear in the universe before the appearance of Sushyant, which are:

First: it lights up at night

Second: The stars move in the sky

Third: People are pessimistic and opinionated towards each other and class differences are rampant.

Fourth: People become unfaithful and contract breakers

Fifth: The bad people have reached the status and dignity and the good and pious people should choose the corner of seclusion.

Sixth: Demon Oz becomes powerful by swallowing other demons.

Seventh: The prevalence of false and demonic witchcraft

Eighth: Lying and slander are widespread and truth is forgotten.

Ninth: Hatred and enmity have replaced love and friendship and people are thinking of destroying each other.

Tenth: Elders and righteous people become worthless and dishonored so that they find a desire for lies and oppression.

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
With the appearance of ten signs, Susyant rises to save mankind

With the appearance of these signs, an army of gods, humans and legendary creatures is formed by the order of Sushyant, in which famous helpers such as Keumerth, Tus, Gio, Guders, Ki Khosro, Pashtun, Gershasb and Nariman accompany him in resurrection and start fighting and hunting. Demons do. Demon Ashmogh (Ahlmoghi – demon of misguidance, polytheism and doubting the existence of God) is one of the demons that Sushyant travels up and down the earth looking for him, and when the demon sinks into a hole and hides, Amshaspand Shahrivar in this hole is molten metal. pours and imprisons the demon and sends him to hell.

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
Sushyant goes to hunt demons

With the aim of becoming powerful to confront Sushyant’s army, the demon Aaz devours the demon Khashm and several other demons, but during the fight, he is defeated and destroyed by God Sorush, and Sushyant’s army destroys one-fifth of the demonic demons in five yashts (attacks) each time and is gone. The destruction of the demonic forces, Ahuramazda sent all the two-legged and four-legged demons out of the sky from the same opening from which he attacked the earth at the beginning of the creation of the devil, so that they would be trapped in hell and never be able to return.

The end of twelve thousand years of creation

In this way, Giti will be filled with justice and wisdom, happiness will prevail, thoughts, speech and good deeds will grow, the world will be cleansed of lies, anger will be destroyed, truth will overcome lies, impure character will be defeated by pure character, Amshaspandan Khordad And Amrdad destroys the demons of hunger and thirst and the devil also flees. In this period, everything that was corrupt, from sickness, old age and death to lies, envy and oppression, will disappear, once again the plants will be green and the creatures will be happy. they go

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
The exodus of demons and demons from the sky

Sushyant, who successfully completes his mission with the Lord and his companions, undertakes the task of raising the dead, which he does by praying five times in the last five days of the month of March, and the awakened spirits pass the judgment stage. , they cross the Chinwad bridge (the same Sarat bridge that is located on the Alborz peak in Iranian mythology, the boundary between the material world and the Minoan world) with the help of Susyant.

Good people see this bridge, which is a wide and green land, and when they cross it, they are welcomed by gods and angels, while evil people see this bridge as thin as a razor’s edge, and monsters wait for them in the endless darkness behind it.

The final battle of Iranian mythology - Vijayato
Existence is cleansed of all that is corrupt

In this article, the story of the creation of Iranian mythology is over, and in the following articles, we will examine some characters, legendary creatures and details that we only mentioned during our journey to twelve thousand years of creation.

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