The first 5G satellite was launched to create a global Internet of Things network

SpaceX has just launched a relatively small satellite called GroundBreaker, owned by Sateliot. This satellite is the first example of over 250 satellites They will be placed in low earth orbit to cover gaps in the 5G network and will help expand the Internet of Things network.

According to, the GroundBreaker satellite weighs approx 10 kg It is designed to communicate with terrestrial telecommunications towers and bridge gaps in the global network. The Spanish company Sateliot of this project as an opportunity for research Global access to the Internet of Things remembers.

“Terrestrial telecommunications are seamlessly integrated with satellite communications for the first time in history, and Sateliot is leading this transformation,” the company said in a statement. They hope that with this project 85% mobile communication network gap Cover the entire planet. Sateliot also has an overview of the functions of this network in industries such as railways, roads, airlines and maritime transport.

It becomes easier to move and connect to 5G satellites in orbit

The Barcelona-based company hopes to expand the capabilities of connected devices by connecting terrestrial and circuit cellular relays. “Users can seamlessly switch from terrestrial 5G networks to non-terrestrial networks, without the need to purchase additional hardware such as Antennas and modems Have. In addition, users can continue to use their current SIM cards and operators thanks to agreements made by Sateliot on the use of roaming standards. This will facilitate the widespread implementation of the Internet of Things globally.”

GroundBreaker, also known by the technical name Sateliot_0, is the first satellite of this system that orbits the Earth once every 90 minutes and covers an area three times the size of the state of Texas. Sateliot has not yet announced the exact launch date of its next satellites.

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