The first App Store transparency report; There are 1.7 million apps on the Apple Store

Apple admitted in a 2021 lawsuit that App Store Transparency Report provide to developers. Today, the first example of this report has been published to share meaningful information about the status of developers and applications on this platform. This report contains information such as how many programs have been rejected by the company’s experts, the accounts of several developers and users have been disabled, and several apps have been removed from this store.

According to a report published on the App Legal website, in 2022 no 1,783,232 The application has been on the App Store. Last year, the store received 6,101,913 app registration requests and rejected 1,679,694 app requests for various reasons, including safety, functionality, design, and legal issues. The company says that the most reasons for red apps are related to Violation of design principles 4.0 It has prevented 149,378 apps from entering this store. 32,009 programs also because of Anti-Fraud Law DPLA 3.2 Could not enter the App Store.

Among the apps whose request was rejected, 253,466 After cooperating with Apple and solving their problems, they were allowed to enter this store. On the other hand, 186,195 The application was removed from this platform for violating the rules of the App Store.

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Which countries had the most requests to remove the app from the App Store?

The people of Cupertino say that the most removal of applications from the App Store at the request of countries was related to China. The Chinese government requested removal 1,435 It sent the app to Apple, and of those, 1,276 were games that had to be removed because they didn’t have the China GRN license. The company has also removed 14 apps at the request of the Indian government, 10 at the request of Pakistan, and 7 at the request of Russia.

Developers had appealed in 18,412 cases of app removal. This store currently 36,974,015 developers has suspended 428,487 developer accounts in 2022.

In addition, the account 282,036,628 The user is also logged out, but this statistic includes all accounts, including those created on Apple’s website without an iPhone or iPad. The App Store averages 656,739,889 visitors and 747,873,877 downloads every week.

Users searched the App Store an average of 373,211,386 times, and 1,399,741 apps appeared in the top 10 search results at least 1,000 times.

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