The first developer preview of Android 14 has been released

Google often releases the first developer preview of its new mobile operating system in February, and now sees the release of the first developer preview (DP1). Android 14 We want developers to start testing it and their apps for this operating system right now.

In this version, Google has focused on accessibility, battery consumption, and security. For example, you can increase the font size by 200%. This amount was equal to 130% in the past. Also, the smart scaling feature increases the readability of the text. In this version, it is better to set the desired language for the apps.

Android 14’s focus on battery consumption and security

Google’s new mobile operating system has improvements that lead to reduced battery consumption. The operating system has tighter control over alarms, background tasks, and built-in broadcasts, all of which reduce power consumption. Also, in this operating system, it is easier to develop applications for smartphones and tablets, so apps can better use the display of these devices.

Android 14

As rumored several weeks ago, Android 14 will block sideloading of very old and outdated apps. Google wants developers to develop their apps for at least Android 6.0; Because some malware made for older versions of Android can bypass system permissions.

This security feature does not affect the apps installed on the device and if you are using old apps, you will still be able to use them by updating your device. You can also install old apps on your device using Command Line instructions. However, for your own safety, it is better not to go for very old programs.

The first developer preview of Android 14 is available via the Android emulator on desktop as well as the Pixel 4a and new Google phones. The first beta version of Android 14 is expected to arrive in April, and Google expects the OS to reach acceptable stability in June. Android 14 will be fully announced at the Google I/O 2023 event.

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