The first space funeral was launched with the flight of the founders

On April 21, 1997, the cremated remains of 24 people were launched into space in the first space funeral known as the Founders Flight.

Where did space burial begin?

The idea of ​​burial in space was mostly to make money from space travel. The first company that implemented this idea and invested in it, a company named Celestis Was

Flight of the founders

Among the people whose ashes were sent into space on April 20, we can include Jane Roddenberry, the Star Trek creator pointed out. Other prominent people on the ship include physicist and space exploration activist, Gerard O’NeillGerman rocket scientist Eric Croft And Timothy Learya psychologist who became famous for his research on psychedelic drugs.

Gene Roddenberry, American screenwriter and producer, who is known as the creator of the science-fiction television series “Star Trek”.

Their remains were sent into space by Celestis, which charges thousands of dollars for these memorial spaceflights. The company will only launch small samples of the incinerated remains into space because it would be too expensive to launch all of it.

The first voyage was called the Founders Flight, after the notables it carried, and was launched on a Pegasus rocket. The capsule containing these remains orbited the Earth for about five years before burning up in the atmosphere.

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