The foldable iPhone can automatically close to protect against falls

Apple is still developing Folding iPhone itself, and now a new report based on one of its patents explains that the tech giant is looking for a creative way to better protect its device from Fall Is.

Apple’s patent titled “Self-folding Display Device and Techniques for Screen Protection Using Drop Detection” has been filed on the US Patent and Trademark Office website. In it, Apple briefly explains that the foldable iPhone has a sensor like an accelerometer that prevents damage to its screen. In fact, if the device detects that it is about to fall, the sensor activates an “electronically adjustable latch mechanism” to quickly close the phone.

Preventing damage to the foldable iPhone screen when falling

Apple folding phone

Apple explains in its patent that “even folding the device’s display to an angle less than 180 degrees can protect the device to some extent.” However, instead of hitting the device’s display directly, it will press against its edges.

Another point that Apple mentioned in this patent is the hinge of the device. The foldable iPhone may consist of two separate displays that connect to each other when unfolded, rather than having a conventional hinge in the middle of the device. So when the screen of the phone is closed, the top screen is separated from the bottom, which makes it more protected. However, this document does not specify exactly how it works.

A large part of this document talks about the capabilities of the foldable iPhone. For example, a device’s drop sensor may consist of “accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and other components” that detect the device’s movement. The important thing for Apple is that the device’s internal mechanisms can correctly detect when its falling speed exceeds a predetermined threshold so that it can close automatically.

So far, various reports have been published about the foldable iPhone. Some rumors point to the launch of the device in 2025, while others say it will likely cost around $2,500. Also, in November of this year, a Chinese engineer made the world’s first foldable iPhone with custom parts and a hinge from Motorola Razr.

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