The funniest lies of thirteen video game world

The April Fool’s lie, better known among us as the Thirteenth Lie, has many opponents. There are many people who are fed up with the spread of false news during this day and hate the exaggerated jokes of companies. At the same time, there is a significant number of audience members who are careful not to lose their heads on the day in question, but they don’t mind at all following various strange blanks.

In this article, Zoomji has collected some thirteen lies for gamers so that we can take a look at the mischief of some foreign media and game companies. Of course, in some parts of the article instead of lie thirteen, we also have thirteen right (?), which shows that maybe in the coming years we can expect to do smart and fun things by video game industry brands on April 1st. In 2023, some game makers preferred to activate unexpected settings in their game for a short period of time instead of deceiving players.

Razer’s new mouse with more features

Razer’s new mouse not only provides the user with the accurate and lag-free performance needed to experience competitive games, but also allows you to trim your facial and body hair easily. The company’s products are usually priced beyond the affordability of many users, but probably many are willing to spend money on Razer Razer. Because by buying it, they will get both a precise Razor mouse and a high-quality razor with sharp blades.

The pronunciation of Razer company name in English is very similar to Razor. It was time for Razer to make this joke its own brand.

Weird updates of League of Legends and Valorant

Riot company welcomed the fans of League of Legends and Valorant with updates that it is not clear which players will benefit.

The creators of League of Legends allowed players to get as many different hats as they want for a limited time and stack them on top of the chosen character. Gamers made good use of this opportunity to kill minions and collect as many different hats as possible to enter the battlefield with a funny look.

On the other hand, the Valorant team celebrated April 1 by publishing a new note. Part of the text explaining Valorant’s 2004 patch reads: “We’ve noticed that Valorant players have a hard time understanding our usual patch explanations. Next, take a look at the changes of Valorant; With a translation that allows everyone to understand exactly what is going on. enjoy!

The use of the “Valorenti accent” in the voice communication system will be automatically translated from now on. We’ve seen sarcastic discussions about whether the Vandal or the Phantom is better. To make the decision easier, we’re removing Vandal from the store. Friendship with Vandal is over and the Phantom weapon is your best friend. #Forever_with_Phantom”.

Update on April 1, 2023, Overwatch 2 game

Extreme strengthening of characters in the arcade mode of Overwatch 2

In a tweet on March 31st, Blizzard Entertainment informed fans that they should be prepared for some strange experiences, including saying hello to flying tanks in Overwatch 2. “Read this very serious note with the patch about what all our heroes can do in Arcade mode,” the tweet reads in part.

By reading the note, players realized how chaotic and interesting Arcade Mode was going to be. For example, thanks to the new update, Ashe’s character can damage the surrounding enemies four times more with the power of dynamite. On the other hand, the Reaper character has no problem continuing to move after using the Shadow Step power to determine the teleport position. In the middle of the description of Winston’s character, it seems strange. In the section related to the explanation of the creators about the character changes, it is written: “Winston!”. Then the production team emphasized the same thing in the part that should explain how the character becomes more powerful: “Winston? Winston!

Blizzard recently added oversized eyes and funny sayings to the game. All the heroes of Overwatch 2 got a new and humorous Ultimate Voice Line in this update.

Thirteen lies of HyperX

Sprinkler headset

Drinking enough water a day plays a significant role in maintaining human health. The HyperX brand, specializing in providing professional gaming products, has thought about the neglect of some gamers to drink water. The new Cloud2O headset sprinkles water on the player every so often to remind them to go drink water.

Unfortunately, this headset was a lie and will not be offered. Otherwise, it would probably help us to experience the games for a longer period of time if the person only plays for more than 24 hours without sleeping.

The Dead Space version of Battlefield 2042 (The Thirteen Lies of EA Company)

Dead Space version of Battlefield 2042

Electronic Arts tried a lot of ways to save Battlefield 2042, and with the success of the Dead Space remake getting very good reviews from critics, maybe it’s time for a Battlefield and Dead Space crossover. Can the release of Ishimura’s version of Battlefield 2042 bring this DICE studio product to great success? We will never get the answer to this question. Because there is no such version.

To be fair, the artwork published by the official Battlefield account for this beautiful April Fool’s Day was a blast.

The special drink of the Metroid Prime game series - Thirteen Vooks Lies

Metroid Prime special drinks

PRIME brand has many sports, mixed and energy drinks that Logan Paul And KSI In recent months, they have devoted a lot of time to their promotion. After some searching on the internet to find a suitable way to increase the sales of Prime drinks, they decided to juice the heads of gamers. The result is nothing but the introduction and release of a special Metroid Prime drink, which is sold at a price of $4.20 per bottle.

The Vooks site in Australia published this news in the form of an April lie, however, according to reports from various sources, the Nintendo company has said that it will either take $4.19 from the sale of each bottle or sue the entire continent of Oceania.

Horses in Amang As

This one was also included in the group of April rights. Because InnerSloth actually turned Crewmates into Horsemates during a hilarious limited event. As a result of experiencing both classic and Hide n Seek modes, the Among Us game had a different feeling during March 31st to April 2nd on the occasion of April Fool’s Day.

The creators of the game Among Us have used different time frames many times to inject freshness into their product. As a result, many players were sure that they would not pass this April easily.

The Thirteen Lies of Capcom

Competing with cats in Street Fighter 6

Those who saw the excellent RE4 anime shorts in the days leading up to the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake will know that any kind of simultaneously funny and toxic video can be found on Capcom Asia’s YouTube channel.

Capcom released a new video during the April Fool’s Day 2023 that emphasized the fun of the fighting game Street Fighter 6 for all types of gamers. At first, Capcom simply showed gamers how Street Fighter 6 was designed to be enjoyed by both professional and casual players.

In the continuation of the video, the presenter suddenly explains that due to the level of accessibility of Street Fighter 6, there is no need to limit the community of its audience to only people. He then unveiled a device in which the DualSense handle is placed; A device that even cats can use to play Street Fighter 6.

Colored eggs in the game Rocket League

Eggs instead of balls in racquet league

Live service game developers may eventually go crazy under the pressure of not being able to find new content to release. When a gamer is in this state of mind, the new content of each major update can be as little as changing the color of a wall from blue to red, changing the color of a wall from red to blue, or in the case of Rocket League, placing an egg in the middle of the playing field.

Given the reactions of many users to this image, Psyonix will probably be careful not to include seemingly funny April Fools’ Day ideas in their serious content development plans.

Killing enemies with cheese in Balder’s Gate 3

Many gamers are familiar with a very popular move in video games called cheese bossing. Some players love cheese so much that every time a new product is released from the FromSoftware studio, they search for the name of each boss along with the word Cheese on YouTube; Hoping that before the release of the new update, they will find the right way to rub cheese on the bread and finish the boss’s work.

Larian Studio, understanding these respectable gamers, decided to make their work easier. So instead of the player having to find cheese-like ways to kill the bosses in Baldur’s Gate III, the development team officially allows you to easily bring them in with cheese.

Unlike creators who belittle their audience and constantly ask them if they have the ability to defeat bosses, Larian Studios took a different approach. That’s why the best part of this brilliant video is where instead of Are You Good Enough, it asks the gamer a more important question: Are you Gouda cheese enough? (Are You Gouda Enough).

Mario fans can no longer escape Chris Pratt’s voice

IGN media announced on April 1, 2023 that Nintendo wants to offer a special feature to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service; The ability to change the characters of the Mario game series. This feature allows Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to use the voice actors of The Super Mario Bros. instead of the voice actors of those video games in Mario games. Listen to the movie.

This is how you can play the first Super Mario Bros game with a pleasant sound Chris Pratt Play as Mario and experience Super Mario Odyssey with audible sound Jack Black Give yourself the role of boozer.

The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog game, produced by Sega

They killed Sonic

The winner of April 1, 2023 in the video game industry is SEGA. On March 31, Sega prepared fans for this year’s 13th lie with a tweet: “We are listening [صحبت‌های شما] we have been Coming Soon [سری بازی] “Sonic enters a new direction.”

April 1st arrived and the official Sonic the Hedgehog social media management team announced the death of Sonic the Hedgehog. At first, fans thought they were dealing with an interesting April Fool’s joke. Because Sega wrote that it made the game The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog and this new video game is now available to players on Steam. An interesting trailer was also released for this unusual Sonic game.

Two minutes later, everyone came to their senses and realized that there was no lie involved. Sega actually released this game for free. Now, when you go to The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog game page on Steam, you will be met with a very warm welcome from the players. Reviews registered on the Steam digital store show that about 98 percent of gamers are satisfied with this new Sonic game.

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