The Galaxy S23 FE is apparently coming this winter, after the foldable phones

Less than 24 hours ago, reports about a possible introduction Galaxy S23 FE Samsung released this summer. Now, one of the market sources says that this news is not true and the Galaxy S23 FE will apparently arrive this winter.

Various news about the effort Samsung Released for Galaxy S23 FE development. The company has not yet officially announced when the new mobile phone will be released. Yesterday, various reports were published about its early introduction in the summer of this year. But now other news has been published that denies the previous news.

When will the Galaxy S23 FE arrive?

In one of the reports published in the last 24 hours, it was mentioned that Samsung due to sales problems of series devices Galaxy S23 In the second quarter of this year, it may introduce the FE version earlier than the new generation of its foldable phones. If this analysis is correct, we should wait for the FE version in the summer of this year.

This news became the media yesterday, although it was not an official news and unofficial reports had been published about it. Now, another knowledgeable source says that this analysis is not correct and that the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will arrive this winter. This news source says that there is no indication of an early release of the FE version.

There are several possibilities about this smartphone, it remains to be seen which one will be implemented. One possibility is that the Galaxy S23 FE will arrive this summer, before the next generation of Samsung’s foldable phones. Another scenario postpones the introduction of this smartphone to the fall of this year and says that Samsung does not plan to introduce the FE version this summer.

In the meantime, the latest unofficial report about the launch date of this smartphone announces its introduction in the winter of this year.

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