The Galaxy S23 series will only be equipped with Snapdragon chipsets

Samsung is expected to release the series phones early next year Galaxy S23 unveil; A family where all members come with the same chipset. So far, some reports have said that the future flagships of the Korean giant will only have chips Snapdragon They are equipped and now Qualcomm This issue has been officially confirmed.

Akash Palkhiwala, CFO of Qualcomm, during the company’s fourth quarter financial meeting, announced expectations for strong sales in the first quarter of 2023, which is likely to coincide with the first months of sales of the Galaxy S23 series phones. He also approved Qualcomm has moved from a 75% share of the chipset for Galaxy S22 series phones to a global share, which means that all S23 series models use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

Meanwhile, recently, the specifications of all three Samsung Galaxy S23 series phones, namely S23, S23 Plus and S22 Ultra in the Geekbench benchmark with chip Snapdragon 8 second generation had been published.

“Cristiano Amon”, the CEO of Qualcomm, also confirmed the company’s multi-year cooperation with Samsung, whereby all Samsung Galaxy phones worldwide will use Snapdragon chipsets:

“In terms of phones, we have signed a new multi-year agreement with Samsung that will expand the use of Snapdragon platforms for future Samsung Galaxy products globally.”

In this regard, it was said in a report last month that despite the disappointment of the Samsung MX (Mobile eXperience) mobile division towards Exynos chips, Exynos 2300 will probably be used in some Galaxy S23 models. The financial manager of Qualcomm also recently said that Apple will once again use the company’s modems in the iPhone 15 phones that will be released in 2023, so that we may see Apple’s own 5G modem in 2025.

Samsung Galaxy S23 release time

Although nothing has been officially announced about the time of introducing these phones, recently a Korean source claimed that Samsung will unveil its flagships in the first week of February (from 10 to 16 February) by holding an event. After that, Samsung will start pre-ordering them for two weeks, and the first devices will hit the market on a Friday.

According to these conditions, we can expect the first Galaxy S23 devices to hit the market on February 17.

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