The Hubble telescope released a scary image of a dwarf galaxy + photo

Hubble Space Telescope shared a new image that a galaxy named UGCA 307 in the distance 26 million light years It shows the planet Earth, which is located in the constellation of the Crow; A small constellation visible from the southern hemisphere.

UGCA 307 is a type of dwarf galaxy and contains only a small cluster of stars. Dwarf galaxies contain several billion stars, and as large as they look, they are much smaller than the Milky Way, which contains hundreds of billions of stars.

New Hubble space image

dwarf galaxy

Unlike the Milky Way, which consists of a well-defined central bar and spiral arms, UGCA 307 does not have a complex structure. Instead, the galaxy is hazy and hazy with its scattering of stars.

However, there are observable features in this galaxy; Like bright red regions where new stars are forming. When stars are young, they emit ultraviolet radiation that lights up nearby gas and makes them glow. This image was taken using Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Mapping (ACS).

Hubble scientists explain:

“This image is part of Hubble’s project to explore every known nearby galaxy, providing astronomers with information about our galactic neighbors. Prior to this set of observations, nearly three-quarters of the nearby galaxies had been studied by Hubble in sufficient detail to identify the brightest stars and develop a better understanding of each galaxy’s star population. This Hubble project will explore the remaining quarter of nearby galaxies by taking advantage of short gaps in the Hubble observation program.

Although most of the attention has been focused on the James Webb Space Telescope in recent times, Hubble has also shared some wonderful images. Last month, the telescope released a stunning image of a fiery red nebula, dubbed thesoul nebula” is also known.

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