The Indian company PhonePe, backed by Walmart, is building a competitor to Google Play

Many companies have tried over the years to end Google Play’s dominance of the Android app store industry. Now an Indian fintech company called PhonePe which is backed by Walmart, is developing a store that wants to become a competitor to the Play Store.

According to TechCrunch, this app store in particular localization It has been made to meet the needs of Indian users. Additionally, the PhonePe store will help developers through Multilingual solutions have access to more users.

This report is based on the company’s internal documents that TechCrunch has obtained. However, apparently, there are still a few weeks left until the official unveiling of this store. PhonePe recently acquired the startup IndusOS, which was engaged in the production of application stores through cooperation with smartphone manufacturers.

PhonePe makes its competition with Google more serious

PhonePe is India’s most valuable fintech company, which has a heavy competition with Google Play in this country. The company is now apparently trying to compete with Google in cooperation with other smartphone manufacturers, including Xiaomi.

This app store brings a premium experience to millions of Indian users and enables high-quality and targeted ads. PhonePe Store from 12 languages will support and is supposed to 24/7 live support have

In an interview with TechCrunch, the company confirmed that it is working on an app store in India. Their spokesperson says Google currently 97 percent The market has Indian app stores available, and a company like PhonePe with more than 450 million users can have a store that is not only localized from a language point of view, but can also help users find apps and discover their interests.

PhonePe says that the timing of the project is also in their favor; Because recently, the Indian Competition Authority requested that the conditions for the production of other app stores to compete with Google Play be provided. The company says that it has just signed a contract with one of the largest Android mobile manufacturers and is trying to enter into cooperation with other companies in the coming months.

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