The initial design of the Dubai Bitcoin Tower was unveiled

Salvatore Lejiro, developer Bitcoin tower (Bitcoin Tower), unveiled this project in Dubai during a unique architecture-focused event. The Bitcoin Tower is a planned project to build the world’s first chain hotel with 40 floors, offering its guests unique benefits such as NFT and cryptocurrency trading. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the importance of digital assets and to minimize the differences between digital and physical assets.

Lejiro told Cointelegraph in an interview that the project combines two of his interests. He has experience in real estate development and became interested in Web3 during the pandemic.

He explained in his interview:

“I’ve talked to a lot of crypto experts and with all due respect, they don’t know anything about real estate. “I’ve also talked to a lot of urban developers, and with all due respect, they don’t know anything about crypto.”

After his experience, Lejiro envisioned a project that matched his expertise in real estate and his passion for digital currencies, and the idea for the Bitcoin Tower in Dubai was born.

He also told Cointelegraph that he wants Bitcoin Tower to be an open project and hinted at the possibility of building a decentralized independent organization (DAO) for it. Lejiro explained:

“We will get a lot of input from the community because Bitcoin Tower should be an open project, like what Satoshi Nakamoto [خالق بیت کوین] It has taught us.”

Bitcoin tower metaverse version and project construction time

In addition to its physical version that will be built in Dubai, Project Lejiro will also have a virtual version that will be launched on Metaverse. While its location has yet to be finalized, he hopes to get permission to build the tower near Sheikh Zayed Road, home to Dubai’s famous skyline.

Although the construction of the Bitcoin Tower is scheduled to begin later this year, the exact date of its completion is still unknown.

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