The initial release of PiPod will be done on Wednesday, April 16

The shares of Pasargard Electronic Payment Company with the trading symbol “Ppod” will be offered on Wednesday, April 16, in the Tehran Stock Exchange. In the first initial offering of 1402 capital market, 360 million shares of Pipod will be offered.

According to the report of Digiato and quoted by the public relations and international affairs of the Tehran Stock Exchange, Wednesday, April 16. 12 percent The shares of Pasargad Electronic Payment Company, as the 611th company accepted in the “Computer and related activities” section, will be initially offered with the symbol “Ppod”.

The initial offering of this company will be done by placing an order to find out the price. The floor and ceiling of the price are 450 and 550 Tomans, and the start time of order registration will be announced later on the day of the launch. In the 9 months of 2011, Pipod had more than 2725 billion Tomans in operating income, and each share of this company is valued at about 650 Tomans.

Initial release of Pipod

The maximum liquidity required for this initial offering is about 275 thousand tomans, and people with a stock exchange code can buy Ppod shares through online brokers.

It should be mentioned that Pasargad Electronic Payment Company has finally entered the capital market after several years of ups and downs. The path of entering this group into the stock market started in 2019 and it was a year after that that the acceptance board of the Tehran Stock Exchange approved the entry of this company into the stock market on July 2, 2014. Now, after 22 months, Passarguard electronic payment shares are going to be offered to the public.

Pasargad Electronic Payment Company is the third PSP of the country and the capital of the company with 987 human resources during 8 stages of capital increase 300 billion tomans it is arrived. 72.9% of shares belong to Pasargad Arian Information and Communication Technology Company (FNAP), 13.5% of shares belong to Payam Avaran Management Iranian Company and 13.5% of shares belong to Kashfan Navandish Pars Company.

The company plans to increase its capital from 300 to 400 billion tomans by bringing in cash from shareholders.

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