The largest ocean restoration project in the world is being built in Dubai + photo

URB, which works in the field of developing sustainable cities, has unveiled a program called the world’s largest ocean restoration project on the coast of Dubai. This project named Dubai Reefs It wants to provide sustainable floating centers for accommodation, education, research or retail on water.

According to New Atlas, URB wants to turn Dubai’s beaches into a center for the Dubai Reefs project researches In the context of the ocean, Revival of ecosystems And ecotourism change in the world Baharash Bagharian, CEO of this company, emphasizes that their focus in this project is to point out the importance of the oceans in order to maintain a healthy environment.

Bagharian says: “The health of our cities depends on the health of our oceans. The ocean is the source of life and controls everything. Given that everything on our planet is connected, a healthy ocean means a healthy city. “If we don’t take action today, our oceans will change completely by the end of this century.”

Dubai Reefs project energy its buildings from renewable resources Such as solar energy, hydropower and wind farms will provide. Visitors to this project can also benefit from the unique experiences of these centers in the field of ecotourism.

Dubai becomes a pioneer in this project with the help of a maritime institute

At the heart of this project will be a maritime institute whose aim is to lead a world-class program for Clean up the oceans from plastic waste and ensuring the functioning of Dubai’s coastal ecosystem as Carbon absorber It is in the long term. This institution is on an artificial sea dune 199 square kilometers will be built which will host a total of one billion corals and 100 million mangroves.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the Dubai Reefs project can create more than 30 thousand jobs New help. Bagharian says: “We need an entrepreneurial spirit in planning coastal cities and all kinds of infrastructure, as well as developing in the ocean. As an innovative coastal city, Dubai is best positioned to lead this transformation. In addition to being a unique destination for ecotourism and marine research, Dubai Reefs wants to be a roadmap for ocean life and reduce the impact of climate change.”

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