The Last of Us is at the top of the most popular and most downloaded online series

According to published statistics, HBO’s The Last of Us series is the most popular series these days on many online platforms.

Two weeks after the broadcast of the first episode of The Last of Us series on HBO, we are now witnessing the conquest of the statistical tables of the most popular and most downloaded series in the world of entertainment these days.

According to the information published by Television Stats, the Last O Ace series is currently the most downloaded TV movie content of all torrent trackers in all networks. Maybe that’s why HBO announced yesterday that all British users who are interested in watching the first episode of this series for free can watch this episode in its entirety from Sky TV’s YouTube page, which is HBO’s official partner for broadcasting this series in the UK. They can watch.

In addition to the highest number of illegal downloads, the fan communities of this series on Twitter and Reddit forums have the fastest growth and views compared to other popular series. The Last of Us also currently holds the most-viewed Wikipedia page for a TV series and the top spot on IMDb’s most-viewed movie or series list.


The Last of Us series is also currently the 16th most searched word in Google, and the interesting and special Istrag created by Google when users search for the term “The Last of Us” can also be one of the influential factors. be it Variety news agency also recently reported that the second episode of this series titled Infected, which was released last Sunday, managed to attract 7.5 million viewers on HBO and HBO Max platforms, which is a 22% increase compared to the first episode and It is the strongest viewership growth for a drama series in HBO history.

Last night, HBO and Sony announced that the Last of Us series has been officially renewed for a second season, which apparently, based on the previous interviews of the creators of the series, is supposed to depict the events of The Last of Us Part 2.

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