The leak of GTA 6 was disappointing and upsetting for the game development team

The CEO of Take-Two said in his recent statement that the leak of GTA 6 information caused the game’s development team to be affected personally and emotionally.

In February of last year, Rockstar finally officially confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 It is under construction. Since the announcement, there have been many rumors and speculations about various aspects of this game, which is probably one of the most anticipated games in the history of the gaming industry. Much of this news revolved around the game’s big leak in September, which included a significant portion of the game’s alpha gameplay footage.

Dummy gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 6

As expected, the size and scale of the leaked information has put the GTA 6 development team at Rockstar under pressure, and that’s what the CEO of Take Two Interactive talked about in a recent interview. Strauss-Zelnick in an interview with IGN Repeating his previous statements, he said that the disclosure of this information did not affect the commercial position of this project and its development process, but it was really “disappointing and uncomfortable” for the team members and affected them “personally and emotionally”.

He further added, “We definitely take the disclosure of information about our programs very seriously, and such cases disappoint all of us.” GTA 6 alpha gameplay videos weren’t the only ones released in the past few months. The published reports of the details of the story of the game show that for the first time a female protagonist is used for this game and its events are going on in Vice City.

Meanwhile, GTA V continues to sell well and has just crossed the 175 million sales mark.

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