The market value of humanoid robots will exceed 150 billion dollars in the next 15 years

A new report from the international financial institution “Goldman Sachs” indicates that humanoid robots can do business with people in the next 15 years. Annual value of 154 billion dollars become

That kind of value could put humanoid robots on par with the electric car market, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk says is on par. Musk has said in the past that the value of the robotics industry will eventually exceed Tesla’s car manufacturing revenue. Apparently, this is the reason for Tesla’s heavy investment in humanoid robots.

Will Tesla’s Optimus robot revolutionize the market?

In its report, Goldman Sachs mentioned Tesla’s humanoid robot, the prototype of which was introduced some time ago:

“The introduction of Tesla’s humanoid robot prototype, Optimus, has reignited discussions about the financial opportunities in such innovations. The investment debate in this area is extensive, and we estimate that in the next 10 to 15 years, the market size will be at least $6 billion to fill the $4 billion labor shortage in the United States, as well as 2 percent of the global elder care market. to be placed

To achieve this status, barriers such as product design, use cases, technology, affordability, as well as broad public acceptance must be fully overcome. We envision a market with an annual value of $152 billion in 2035 (close to the value of the electric car market and one-third the value of the smartphone market in 2021). This market value can indicate the solution to problems related to the lack of labor in production as well as the maintenance of elderly people.

Many companies have focused on the development of humanoid robots, and you can learn about some of the most advanced ones in this Digiato article.

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