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The Menu movie review Nice color and glaze but not cooked!

Whether it uses Nicholas Hoult’s sarcastic performance or engages the audience with Riff Finez’s penetrating gaze, The Menu is not without positive points. But in general, he takes a bite out of his mouth.

The menu is like one of those very expensive restaurants. You enter the salon, you see its splendor, you are impressed by the level of hygiene, and considering the appearance of most of the customers, you are sure that you have stepped into a different place. The food arrives, and from the volume of the food to the shape of the dish, everyone emphasizes the special nature of the restaurant, or at least the effort of the staff to make it seem special.

After eating that food, it is very likely that your life has not changed. Optimistically, if you have ordered correctly and thoughtfully, you have enjoyed the food. It is good food. But the investment and energy devoted to this meal on your part was beyond “good”. The luxurious door and wall and the complex aroma in the environment gave the news of food beyond “good”. Of course, you will not talk about being “good”. You spent such a significant percentage of your account balance on this food that you don’t even dare to tell others about it being “good”. So, by focusing on the most interesting points about the restaurant for months, you will create an unforgettable memory of an extraordinary lunch.

The difference between what The Menu actually achieved and what the production team imagined is very similar to the difference between good food and this memory. But why does the film being too big in the eyes of the director affect our experience? How can a filmmaker, perhaps without even realizing it, become so obsessed with his film that it reduces the audience’s chance to enjoy it to some extent?

Serving vegetarian food on the rocks of the island in the movie Menu starring Riff Fines

The story is related to story settings; A task for which the movie The Menu has set aside a significant part of 106 minutes. The story starts from where Tyler plays Nicholas Holt And Margo with the game Anya Taylor-Joy Together with some rich people, they get on a boat to go to a deserted island. They want to enjoy the food of a particular restaurant; A restaurant where a very important chef plays a role Riff Fines It offers special dishes.

As soon as they step onto the island, the film prepares the audience for a terrifying experience by pointing out several points; From weird dialogues to special protection systems. Summary From the very beginning, it is clear that the exclusive eating of a few people on an island where only the chef and his colleagues live, in such a movie, is not going to end with the characters having fun. But the introduction to the movie is much longer than you think. Mark is willing As a director, he is not satisfied with the usual settings.

Chef played by Harry Potter actor Riff Fiennes in The Menu

The actors are by no means the Achilles heel of this film. But the script does not give them a unique opportunity to shine

After entering the restaurant, which we know is the main location even just by looking at one of the movie posters, the filmmaker starts showing all kinds of curious details. From the type of actors’ performance to the lighting of the environment, as well as the excellent use of sound to create tension during some seconds, they all serve to point to an important and dark event that the viewer should expect.

So, even though many details such as Tyler’s behavior with Margo have the ability to attract the audience in the short term, the audience is basically constantly thinking about the sinister event that is going to happen. The longer the wait, the higher the expectation. Right there, we know that this time will undoubtedly be heavy on the shoulders of the second and third scenes of the script. Because the only way for the audience to enjoy the first act in a movie like Me is to actually count on the continuation of the story.

Will the audience’s expectations be met? Both yes and no. Menu movie has a thoughtful story that wants to look at many people today from a meaningful angle. But the movie doesn’t go any way to the end and this is the biggest flaw that prevents The Menu from becoming a great movie.

Red-haired Margot, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, looking into the kitchen in The Menu

When I reached the first milestone in The Menu, what I expected happened. I don’t mean that I predicted exactly what would happen in that sequence. But from the first few minutes to the moment when it was finally time for this type of incident to happen, I almost knew that such an incident was going to put aside the external conditions and show the blackness of being in the restaurant. From then on, according to the same indirect promises of the film, I wanted to see a work that constantly reveals more shocking truths about the situation and gets to the core of this blackness.

The movie that was played in front of my eyes was not at all like this. Can this storytelling be considered meaningful? Yes. The story is about the lies that accumulate and make the lives of some people, for example, successful. Will the characters be able to fulfill their symbolic roles in this narrative? More or less. Most of them are types that attract the viewer’s attention thanks to the good role-playing of actors like Holt, who focuses well on a certain type of behavior. However, the work does not give any of the artists a unique opportunity to shine.

With all of this, even the darkest, darkest sequences in The Menu are at best only as big as the imaginations that form in your head in the first five minutes of the film. As a result, the audience who during the first 30 minutes was busy paying attention to details and trying to find as many signs as possible, will probably be somewhat disappointed. The menu is full of details that the movie doesn’t make any special use of in the end; Full of Chekhov’s guns hanging on the wall, which no one even once tries to shoot.

(From here on, the article will spoil parts of the story of The Menu)

The Menu movie  The chef plays Riff Fines in the kitchen and supervises the work of the cooks

If the targeting of the film was clear and without scattering, this weakness would not be so noticeable. But as I said, the menu does most of the work half and half. Unlike the previous cases, the problem of the film’s lack of focus is not directly related to not meeting the expectations of the audience. Because it is mostly related to the fact that the film itself has different expectations from the audience during different situations.

On the one hand, the menu wants to be scary. So the audience has the right to ask why none of the characters in the work have ever been important enough for him to worry about them. The film is so fascinated by the collective situation that in many minutes it is almost impossible to say that it has a main character. But unlike a film like Triangle of Sadness, it never has the necessary seriousness to fully focus on this collective experience. It never has a primary purpose such as branching out into symbolism.

Suddenly, by emphasizing Margot’s chance to escape, the creators ask the audience to accept her as a complete protagonist; to support him while trying to escape. The character, who until now was originally introduced as a “non-rich and hard-pressed character” and told a bitter memory to the chef, is put on the run and trying not to get stabbed. Although the situation itself seems daunting, we don’t really care enough about him to worry too much about his fate. Because we have not known him enough to care about him.

The chef's look at the customers in the restaurant inside the movie menu, directed by Mark Maylod

Elements such as the cleverness of Erin’s escape method are the strengths of the work. Considering the old image, he decides to take the world-weary chef’s mind to the forgotten and simpler days, is a method of escape that fits into the narrative logic of the work. When he leaves the hall, the rich man’s wife’s brief gesture to him seems really profound. Because the woman now knows full well what happened between Margo/Erin and her husband, but admitting that everyone in the restaurant deserves punishment, she leads the young girl outside.

At the same time, there are decisions in the script that harm the tone and impact of the film. In the position of a film that clearly uses the thriller narrative in several parts, in one part it wants to give false hope to the characters and has the departure of a character from the island as one of the most important events of the story, strangely emphasizing several times that The chef’s plan is so detailed and complete that it is impossible for anyone to escape from the island. This unwarranted emphasis on the impossibility of escaping the island at will reduces the tension and apprehension significantly.

The chef makes a round of the kitchen telling Margo that everyone is going to die and then relays the message to everyone. As a result, even during the 45 seconds when, for example, people are running in the hope of escaping, the viewer does not think that they have a chance to escape. Therefore, the thought that “Oh wow, now the cooks will reach such and such a character”, will never bring the viewer closer to the screen. Because he knows that cooks reach that character.

Another example of the story’s confusion and getting lost between different objectives can be seen in the attack of the chef’s assistant on Margo. The audience has to believe that someone who, like all the members of this cooking team, has reached absolute absurdity and is fully prepared to kill and die in a few hours, attacks Margo with personal anger and impatience to prevent her from becoming the new assistant. to take Without even a single second of the movie concretely emphasizing the insane importance of “being an assistant” to him.

Tears of Nicholas Hoult, actor of The Great series and The Menu movie

When Anya Taylor-Joy is sitting on a boat and biting into that good cheeseburger, The Menu ends up being a one-time watch.

Maybe we just have to be careful to define its memory correctly and without exaggeration. Otherwise, someone else has to write a text to try to present a more realistic view than exaggerated descriptions by emphasizing the undeniable shortcomings and weaknesses. Cheeseburger does not need to be mixed with the powder of 173 plants from different parts of the world to make it acceptable.

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