The most challenging Android games

Tired of playing easy games on your Android phone or looking for a new challenge? Don’t worry at all. Each game has its own level of difficulty and challenges, and some of them even have wonderful stories or extremely attractive gameplay systems that make you enjoy them twice as much. In the previous content, we had a look at the best Android games, but in the following we are going to review the most difficult Android games together. Stay with Vijayato.

Dead Cells

The hardest Android games

If there’s only one truth about Dead Cells, it’s that this gorgeous pixel art game will kill you over and over again. No matter how good and professional you are, the black holes of Dead Cells are a place that will challenge you and surprise you every time. Dead Cells is about exploring a mysterious island that takes you to different worlds. Due to the roguelike nature of the game and its permadeath, every time you play Dead Cells it brings you a different and new experience that is truly unique in its own way. The enemies of Dead Cells have a high variety and you get access to different levels of hot and cold weapons and you can even upgrade them. Dead Cells is definitely a challenging game whose difficulty level tickles you to experience more and get better at the game instead of annoying you.

Dead CellsDead Cells

Manufacturer:Motion Twin

Style:Roguelike, action

operating system:Android

Escape Room – Beyond Life

Hardest Android Games You Shouldn't Miss - Vijayatu

Experience two different adventures in this game; In Zero-G, a sci-fi adventure, Earth’s gravity has mysteriously disappeared, leading to a human catastrophe. A scientist has managed to solve this problem and return gravity to the earth. You, in the role of the grandson of this scientist, have a duty to finish his mission. In another game, Eclipse, evil creatures called Kikimura have taken a prince hostage and want to turn him into one of their own.

In this game you have to take on the role of a warrior and save the prince before the moon reaches its full form. The game has more than 100 different escape rooms and 50 stages that take more than 25 hours to complete. Even though you can use hints in the environment to solve the puzzles, the game is still challenging and of course you will enjoy the experience because of the beautiful graphics.

Escape Room - Beyond LifeEscape Room – Beyond Life

Manufacturer:Hidden Fun Games

Style:adventure puzzle

operating system:Android

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Out There: Omega Edition

Hardest Android Games You Shouldn't Miss - Vijayatu

In this strategy game, you control an astronaut in a spaceship. To survive, you have to try to look for different resources in the absolute darkness of space. Trying to survive in this game is one of the hardest things you can do in a mobile video game. Out There also has an interesting management aspect where you have to manage your ship’s oxygen and other resources. Of course, the game also has extremely diverse endings, finding all of them requires experiencing the game again and again.

Out There: Omega EditionOut There: Omega Edition

Manufacturer:Mi-Clos Studio, FibreTigre

Style:Strategy, management, roguelike

operating system:Android

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

The hardest Android games

You might find it strange that the main character of your game is a man trapped in a big jar. What’s more strange is that the game asks you to move yourself to the top of a mountain with the same attitude and only using a hammer. In this way, you have to move through various obstacles, and of course, it goes without saying that the main attraction of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is its movement challenges, and you will lose many times in between. The game also has an announcer who reports the game for you at the same time, and that is Bennett Foddy himself, or the creator of the game, who made this game inspired by an old game from 2002!

Getting Over It With Bennett FoddyGetting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Manufacturer:Bennett Foddy


operating system:Android

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The Impossible Game

Hardest Android Games You Shouldn't Miss - Vijayatu

It is not without reason that this game is called “The Impossible Game” because it is really one of the most difficult games that you can play. The game mechanics are very simple and you have to reach the end of an orange rhombus without hitting other objects. In The Impossible Game, any small mistake can lead to losing and restarting the stage, so you have to be careful not to make any mistakes. Of course, if you get it wrong, you’ll quickly find yourself starting a new game. The game also has a practice mode where you can challenge your blanking skills!

The Impossible GameThe Impossible Game

Manufacturer:Grip Digital


operating system:Android

Geometry Dash

The hardest Android games

Geometry Dash game is not only on phones, but one of the hard and hardcore games on all devices. The game became very popular since its first day of release due to its simple yet challenging nature. What you have to do in this game is to move a box from left to right, jump over obstacles and collect stars.

So far, the game is similar to any other arcade game on the App Store; No?! The fact is that when you play a few stages of the game, you will realize that you have to remember the location of all the obstacles in order to be able to pass the stages without any problems. This game is designed to challenge even professional gamers and due to the fact that there is a significant number of pre-designed levels uploaded by users, the game is virtually endless and you can experience it for hours.

Geometry DashGeometry Dash

Manufacturer:RobTop Games


operating system:Android

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The hardest Android games

This place on the list is dedicated to a challenging game, but more relaxing than the previous titles. In the Duet game, you control two red and blue balls that you have to control in parallel on the screen while not hitting the obstacles. In the game, you have to pass these balls through eight stages of different obstacles, and the announcer of the game will report this process to you very quietly. The incredibly soothing music of the game is one of the things that even if you don’t like challenging games and are looking for a relaxing game, you will still enjoy it.




operating system:Android

Smash Hit

Hardest Android Games You Shouldn't Miss - Vijayatu

If in all the previous games on the list you had to be careful not to hit obstacles, in Smash Hit you have to do exactly the opposite and destroy the various obstacles that are in your way. In Smash Hit, we have a surreal and futuristic space that consists of 50 different stages and different graphic modes, each of which has a different shape. Of course, do not think that according to the above description, you are playing a simple game. To succeed in this game, you need to keep your focus to push the balls as far as possible. Smash Hit is a simple game that also has a catchy music that will change as you enter each room.

Smash HitSmash Hit


Style:Action, puzzle

operating system:Android

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Hard Math Game

Hardest Android Games You Shouldn't Miss - Vijayatu

I don’t know about you, but I know few gamers who love math. In general, games are an escape from lessons and the realities of life, and usually games that involve math do not have very interesting mechanics. However, Hard Math Game is one of those math-based games that has its own challenges. In this game you have to add four different numbers together to reach the desired number. All numbers must be used and you will only have one chance to use each number. The stages of the game become more difficult over time, and multiplication and division are also added to them. So if you are even a little bit interested in math, don’t miss this game.

Hard Math GameHard Math Game



operating system:Android

Brain it On!

Hardest Android Games You Shouldn't Miss - Vijayatu

Have you ever played a game where you draw different shapes to solve a puzzle? There is more than one way to solve each puzzle, so you can use your creativity. All puzzles in Brain it On! They are designed based on the laws of physics and you have a significant number of them at your disposal. To unlock new stages, you must use the stars you have obtained in the previous stages. This game is one of those that you can play with friends or family to find out who can solve puzzles better than that one!

Brain it On!Brain it On!



operating system:Android


What do you think are the most difficult Android games and why should you try them? Other than becoming a pro at various games, what would make you want to kill an Android game over and over again to learn it? Be sure to write us about the most challenging experiences of your hard Android games.

What is the hardest Android game?

Games like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and Dead Cells are among the challenging and hard Android games.

What are the nerve-wracking Android games?

Games like Duet and The Impossible Game are nerve-wracking Android games.

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