The most expensive license plate was sold in the UAE for $15 million

This week, Emirates Auction Company set a record by selling the most expensive license plate in history. This license plate with the words P 7 was sold for 55 million UAE dirhams (equivalent to 14.9 million dollars).

Emirates Auctions tweeted that the sale was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, but the buyer preferred to remain anonymous. Of course, considering that this person has purchased a type of government ID that is installed on the outside of the car, there is a possibility that his identity will be revealed.

The proceeds from the auction of the most expensive license plate will be provided to the 1 billion meals campaign. This charity aims to provide the world’s largest food charity during Ramadan.

Due to the special design of the most expensive license plate in the UAE, it appears that only the number 7 is on it. Single-digit plates are valued for their simplicity and the status of their owner.

For example, the D 5 plate was sold in the United Arab Emirates in 2016 for AED 33 million (US$8.9 million). Its buyer, Balwinder Singh Sahni, told Bloomberg at the time that it had been a dream of mine to have a single-digit license plate. He added that Dubai, where he worked, is a city of big personalities where everyone wants to make a mark.

Meanwhile, the P 7 license plate breaks the record for the most expensive car license plate, which was held for 15 years by someone who bought a license plate with the words 1 for 52.2 million dirhams ($14.2 million). That license plate was also sold by Emirates Auction Company.

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