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In this article, we have once again gone to the world of Minecraft and we are going to review together all the different games and contents that have been published for this popular title.

Since Microsoft bought the Minecraft brand from Mojang Studio, it has continued to support this series well and made this game gain a special place among users. Since then, we have witnessed the release of various contents around the world of this game, each of which has created a unique experience for the fans. From various video games to board games or Lego toys that have been inspired by this series and have entered the real world in recent years.

Of course, this support (either from the game itself or the release of various contents) has not been without results, and we may have expected that the sale of the Minecraft game would reach from 100 million copies in June 2016 to over 238 million in April 2021, which is the trend It shows tremendous growth for a game. With all these words, in this article, we have decided to review the published works from the world of Minecraft together and take a look at their contents.

Minecraft sub games

So far, in addition to the original version of Minecraft, which is known by various names, several spin-off games have been released from its world, each of which is a unique experience. From the story game of Telltale Games Studio to an action-adventure work through which audiences with different tastes can step into the fun world of Minecraft.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode game

Minecraft: Story Mode was an episodic spin-off game from the well-known studio Telltale Games, developed in collaboration with Mojang. The game consisted of five episodes, along with three other downloadable episodes, during which players control a character called Jess (Jesse) who along with his friends set out on a mysterious journey to save the world to find The Order of the Stone.

Minecraft: Season 2 story mode

The second season of Minecraft: Story Mode

The second season of Minecraft story mode was released in the second half of 2017 and continued the story of the first season. As with other Telltale games, the decisions you made in the first season will have an impact in this section. The game used the studio’s new Crowd Play feature, which was previously introduced in Batman: The Telltale Series. The system allowed nearly two thousand viewers to vote for players in decisions using Twitch or other streaming services.

Minecraft Earth game poster

Minecraft Earth game

Minecraft Legacy was an augmented reality (AR) sandbox game from the Minecraft series developed by Mojang and published by Xbox Game Studios. The game was released on Android and iOS platforms and allowed players to interact with the real world and create Minecraft structures and items around them.

In this game, you can search for resources and experience many other features of the Minecraft game, just like the original version. In the game, players could collect different resources on the in-game map and experience different missions with their friends.

Minecraft Dungeons game

Minecraft Dungeons game

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler video game developed by Mojang Studio in collaboration with Double Eleven Studio. This game was praised by the players for its fun and enjoyable world along with beautiful music and visual effects. Unlike the original version, which was open-world, the gameplay is hack and slash.

As in the isometric view, the players have to explore randomly created dungeons and deal with the monsters of the Minecraft world and all kinds of traps and puzzles. It is interesting to know that in addition to the original version, 6 downloadable expansion packs have been released for this game, each of which brings new items, story and boss fights to the players.

Minecraft Legends game logo

Minecraft Legends game

The latest and newest game from the Minecraft series is called Minecraft Legends, which is developed in the style of action strategy by Mujang and Blackbird Interactive studios. This game is scheduled to be released on April 18 (29 April 1402) and it seems that action elements can also be found in it. The story of the game takes place in the main world of Minecraft, which is now under attack by Piglins from the Nether world. As the Nether world expands, a new hero rises and tries to save the Overworld by gathering his friends.

Jason Momoa's role in Minecraft

Minecraft movie

Unlike the various and successful games that have been made from the Minecraft series, the fate of this series on the cinema screen is still in an aura of uncertainty. In 2012, various film studios from Hollywood came to Mojang Studio and offered them to make a TV series related to the Minecraft series. However, Mojang Studio announced that it will give the green light to make a live-action collection of Minecraft when it comes across a suitable idea.

At the beginning of 2014, there were rumors that Mojang Studio was in talks with Warner Bros. Pictures to make a movie based on the Minecraft series. This movie was originally supposed to be by Shawn Levy (Shawn Levy), the producer of the movie Deadpool 3, will be directed and written as well Kieran and Michelle Mulroney (Kieran & Michele Mulroney) to take over, but they all left in December.

In July 2015, Warner Bros Rob McElhenney (Rob McElhenney) hired the famous star of the sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to direct the Minecraft movie. According to McElhenney, the film was supposed to be made based on the original idea of ​​the open world game Minecraft with a budget of approximately 150 million dollars, but this project did not have a better fate either. In 2016, the initial production work of the film began and it was even supposed to be released on the 3rd of June 2019 (May 24, 2019), although McElhenney left the project due to time constraints and the production of this film was also canceled.

Finally, for the umpteenth time in early 2019, it was announced that Peter Sallett (Peter Sollett) is going to write and direct a new and different Minecraft from McElhenney’s work. In June 2019, Alison Schroeder Allison Schroeder was hired to co-write the film with Salet. This movie was supposed to be released on 13 Isfand Mah 1400 (March 4, 2022), but due to the Corona epidemic, Warner Bros removed this movie from its schedule in October 2020.

With the departure of Salt and Schroeder from the project, it was announced that the process of making a new Minecraft movie directed by Jared Hess (Jared Hess) is about to start again, and this time apparently Jason Momoa (Jason Momoa) is going to play the lead role. The film will be a live-action film, and unfortunately, there have been no updates on its development yet.

Minecraft board games

Well, it’s time for board games. Usually, whenever a work or a collection becomes very popular among fans, one can expect to release a board game from it, but of course, successful works do not always come out of the water. Of course, this issue is a little different in the case of tabletop games released from the world of Minecraft, and fortunately, we have seen the release of high-quality games from this collection. In total, three official board games have been released for the Minecraft series. The first two works are actually card games, the first of which was produced by Mattel under the name Minecraft Card Game in 2015, and the second under the name of Uno Minecraft was released by this manufacturer a year later.

By the end of 2019, the board game Minecraft: Builders & Biomes was introduced, which as you know, we published a half-view of it on Zoomji, which you can see here again. This game is suitable for ages 10 and up and those interested can experience it for 2 to 4 players. In this game, you can get different blocks and use them to create beautiful structures. Of course, the famous mobs of the Minecraft world are also present in this game and can challenge you at the right time. By the end of 2020, an expansion called Farmers’ Market was released for the game, which introduced a new ecosystem to players that allowed them to grow plants.

lego minecraft

lego minecraft

When Mojang Studio CEO Carl Mane was asked about Lego Minecraft toys, he replied that it was one of the first things they thought of when they founded the studio. In fact, in a short period of time after the commercial registration of the Minecraft brand, Mojang started the negotiation process with Lego for the development and production of Lego Minecraft toys, and it was on June 6, 2012 that the first Lego Minecraft products were officially released.

A year later, it became clear that two new Lego sets named Nether and Village from the world of Minecraft are going to be available to the audience, and then in the summer of 2014, The End product set of this game was also added to the previous toys. Since then, we have witnessed the release of various sets, figures and minifigures from the world of Minecraft among Lego toys, which easily experience very high sales due to the high popularity of this brand.

common questions

1- What are the Minecraft spin-off games?

So far, various spin-off games have been published for Minecraft, among which we can mention works such as Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft Dungeons.

2- What are the Minecraft board games?

Among the famous Minecraft board games, we can mention Minecraft Card Game and Minecraft: Builders & Biomes.

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