The most tense and terrifying science fiction movies

At its best, science fiction can be a very entertaining and beautiful genre. By referring to the list of the best science fiction movies in Russia, you can come across movies with beautiful images that show how creative and luxurious this genre is and can create diverse worlds with a science fiction atmosphere that The known limitations of reality that keep most movies from being creative are free. This genre can be as beautiful and thought-provoking as Solaris, as hopeful and hopeful as Tomorrowland, or as funny and atmospheric as the original Star Wars movies. And after that, it was the turn of the movies that we will mention in this list.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

The tense and terrifying side of the sci-fi genre is home to movies that depict the terrifying reality of space travel with a realism far beyond the anxiety our poor hearts can handle, movies that feature extraterrestrials that are so peaceful. They have come to tear our hearts apart, the movies that imagine a much scarier and more difficult future for us than what we see in today’s life. These movies are the biggest sci-fi nightmares that will pump adrenaline through your veins. In the continuation of this article, we want to introduce you to 12 of the most tense, disturbing and tense science fiction movies.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

12- Apollo 13

Yes that’s right! If the criteria for this list were too strict, we would have to admit that Apollo 13 is actually more of a science fiction film than a science fiction film. But it’s hard to find a film that is as tense as a documentary drama about space travel as this 1993 film is, a realistic and tension-filled depiction of life in space gone awry and a space trip and the consequences of almost It is deadly. This film tells the story of Tom Hanks in the role of the anxious and terrified commander of the ill-fated Apollo 13 spacecraft, and this tense film by Ron Howard, who previously made the film Ron Howard with Tom Hanks, also stars Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton alongside Hanks. It states that they are trying to return this disastrous flight to the ground without any casualties, without any attempt to prevent casualties from affecting the audience’s nerves.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

11- Event Horizon

Between Resident Evil and Alien vs. Predator, it’s understandable that many moviegoers would believe that Paul W.S. Anderson is as good at making video game adaptations as he is at making horror movies. But as hard as it is for today’s audiences to believe, the director of the highly anticipated Monster Hunter was once a maker of steamy horror films set in space, a fact epitomized by 1997’s space horror Event Horizon. The film tells the story of the taciturn Laurence Fishburne and the grieving Sam Neal aboard a spaceship, where a workplace is very, very lame, and thus the film begins by showing the effect of isolation in space and the paranoia that exists among the crew. The few ships created play on the audience’s nerves, before tearing the rest of your nerves apart with devastating gore and extremely shocking visuals. Do not choose this movie for a late night viewing at home.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

10- Cube

With a minimalist look full of horror and traps that reminds us of THX 1138 as George Lucas’ first film and the opening sequences of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Vincenzo Natali’s 1997 sci-fi thriller Cube, which He also has Splice in his portfolio, not a movie where you expect an answer. But if you accept a no-nonsense scenario where a series of disparate strangers wake up in an empty cubical room and, in an attempt to escape, encounter an endless array of traps, intrigue, and deadly security mechanisms. , so without a doubt, your heart rate will increase significantly while watching this movie. Don’t get too attached to the characters in this movie because you’ll soon find out that none of them last long in this dark but cute anti-utopian sci-fi movie.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

9- Gravity

Directed by Alfonso CuarĂ³n, who also has Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban under his belt, 2013’s Gravity is a space thriller of a different kind. In this film, Sandra Bullock appears in the role of the main character of the story, where an astronaut is left alone, after a routine check-up on the space station leads to the death of his companions due to a meteorite impact, and now he must find a way alone. Find space to escape from the infinite world. This is the only narration of the story, and this means that all the action of the story happened in real time, and the audience witnesses the desperate efforts of Bullock’s character to survive, while the hope for his survival becomes less and less with the depletion of his oxygen capsule. . This movie is an exciting and tense story that you must see but maybe only once and we hope you survive watching it!

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

8- The Thing

Assault on Precinct 13 director John Carpenter is no stranger to the perils of living in isolated spaces like space. After all, he’s the director who made Ghosts of Mars and proved that a movie can explode (fail at the box office) on a planet with an atmosphere made entirely of carbon dioxide. But long before Ice Cube was sent into space, the creator of Halloween stunned the cinema with his art and one of the scariest ending dialogues in the history of the horror genre with a very high-quality and enduring science fiction horror film. But what makes the 1982 movie The Thing so scary? The reason could be Robin Battin’s impeccable applied effects, or the haunting soundtrack, or the stubborn and pessimistic cast of the story. Or maybe it’s the fact that these extraterrestrials take the form of people, a grotesque detail that makes this movie a paranoid nightmare that no one can watch until the end without pausing a few times.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

7- Tetsuo

One of the best nightmare movies on this list is the 1989 Japanese cyberpunk horror Tetsuo, the story of an Iron Man who couldn’t be further from our beloved Tony Stark. The employee who plays the main character in this satirical black-and-white film is a man with a metal fetish who transforms himself into a machine and somehow creates a mutant human-metal hybrid. And maybe he is gradually going crazy and sees himself as an iron man. Your perception of this film will differ depending on your understanding of the allegory of omni-automation. Either way, this movie is a sci-fi journey that is a surreal cinematic nightmare that is so scary and shocking that it will occupy your mind for a while.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

6- Pi

There is no way that Tetsuo is the only black and white nightmare movie on this list, so let’s go to Darren Aronofsky’s debut movie mother! Here we go, turning a number theory into a horror narrative. A hypnotic and ultimately terrifying experience, Pi tells the story of a mathematician who sets out to discover a mysterious number that proves the existence of God and the natural order of all things. But the result is far scarier than you’d expect, where this tense and shocking thriller comes to a quiet yet violently devastating conclusion.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

5- Pandorum

Another horror film about isolation in space, 2009’s Pandorum stars the oft-overlooked Ben Foster in the tense title role of one of the only two occupants of a large spaceship destined to destroy the human race after reaching the planet Pandorum. to develop there. Almost nothing is as it seems, while this film also treads the path of paranoid sci-fi horror films, and Foster gradually reveals a terrifying truth that is so shocking that we see no reason to be here. to spoil and deprive you of the surprise of the story. Suffice it to say that after borrowing from movies like Alien and Event Horizon, the horrors of this movie are more human than you might expect, and the movie is more than worth it for its very realistic plot twist. It becomes nerve-wracking and tense.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

4- The Mist

For a significant part of its narrative, Frank Darabont’s 2007 sci-fi horror film The Mist, whose masterpiece The Shawshank Redemption is also among his works, feels like a slightly above-average sci-fi film, but thanks to the small setting and characters. Understandably, it’s a lot scarier than most sci-fi movies about extraterrestrial monsters, although Darabont’s film didn’t have a big budget either. As the residents of a small town take refuge in a supermarket to escape an unnatural fog phenomenon and the monsters lurking within, the film is a slow-burning and understandable story of religious extremism and the dangers of street justice that proves that it is impossible and at least difficult to escape from the hands of human monsters as well as extraterrestrial monsters.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies


The granddaddy of all horror movies set in space, Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece Alien, which also made Gladiator, is actually a long, slow-paced chase sequence where the audience is helpless and desperate. is watching it. From the moment the spaceship crew first encounters the alien to the final scenes of Ripley’s victory, the film builds in tension and is a deeply stressful experience. After the initial shocking appearance of the baby xenomorph, the film cleverly keeps its alien in the shadows, aside from a few choice brief glimpses that leave nothing but empty space and overactive imaginations for effect. And everything goes so well in the movie that, despite Scott’s relatively short running time, your heart rate will soar that even with six shots of espresso, you won’t get that heart rate.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

2- Right at your door

With a plot twist that would surprise even Rod Serling, the creator of The Twilight Zone, Right At Your Door tells a paranoid story of a day in the life of a man in the bombed city of Los Angeles, whose situation is getting worse and worse every moment. A city where smoke and pollution have made life impossible. Released in 2006, this low-budget sci-fi indie film is not for the faint of heart. This film portrays the main character of the story in a situation where he has completely isolated his house and is obsessively trying to keep every unclean voyeur away from his house, in a situation where his connection with reality and his sanity are getting worse. It decays and eventually comes to an end that is karma-affirming and extremely destructive and cruel. Undoubtedly, it is not possible to watch this movie without taking headache pills or lowering the heart rate.

The most tense and disturbing science fiction movies

1- A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick’s largely challenged and banned A Clockwork Orange is a cinematic experience devoid of empathy, a film so injecting anxiety and tension that Uncut Gems is like drinking a glass of warm milk and taking a sleeping pill in comparison. Following a series of violent sadistic behaviors from the unscrupulous monster Alex Delarge played by Malcolm McDowell in the first half of the story, Kubrick’s film depicts the ubiquitous violence and cruelty of this everyday life through its almost unwatchable and shocking sequences. pulls. But don’t worry because unlike the novel that the movie is based on, there is no religious salvation in this movie. Instead, the audience witnesses Delarge pay a terrifying and devastating price for his crimes, which turns him into an unrecognizable shell of a man without independent thought.

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