The MP’s account of the president’s silence regarding the demand for the internet to return to normal

Referring to the meeting of the commission with the presence of the president, the member of the agriculture commission said that Raisi was silent in front of his request to return the Internet to its previous conditions. Emphasizing that people’s access to high-speed internet is a fundamental right, Nouri said that methods of dealing with this space, such as the protection plan, harm the country.

Last week, the members of the Islamic Parliament’s Agriculture Commission held a meeting with the President and the Minister of Agricultural Jihad, in which, according to this member of the parliament, criticism was raised about the recent restrictions on the Internet. Gholamreza Nouri, a member of the Agriculture Commission, referring to this issue, said in a conversation with ILNA:

“I brought up the issue of cyberspace in that meeting and told the president about the restrictions that have been placed on the Internet in recent days and sometimes the cases that have been dealt with some activists in this field, startups, knowledge-based companies and many small and medium-sized businesses. has faced a problem. In fact, these companies are our economic drivers in this area and are downsizing or shutting down their businesses altogether. Even some specialists of these companies are immigrating and the country is suffering.”

Emphasizing that we are moving negatively in the field of startups and knowledge-based companies that have been heavily invested and encouraged, he stated: “I requested the president, considering that the Supreme Council of Cyberspace has the domain of Internet and virtual space at its disposal. It has and with the new approvals it has passed, it is almost complete and it is chaired by you, help to return the internet to the conditions of one or two months ago as soon as possible and at least Normal Condition to bring back what was already there, but in this regard They were silent And they did not have an answer to this request.”

Of course, according to Nouri, during these talks, another representative thanked the government and the president for the brave action with the title that “you freed the country’s teenagers and young people from cyberspace”; He asked Raisi to continue in the same way, but in this context, the president did not make any comments about rejecting or confirming these words.

In response to the question of what is his perception of this silence and whether the restrictions are sustainable, the member of the Security Plan Commission said: “I hope businesses and people will understand and not cause more damage to the country in this area.” I hope that access and free circulation of information will be provided along with the strengthening of internal platforms, now sometimes the internal ones are complaining and have problems.”

Legalization of virtual space should be based on interaction

Nouri stated that he is never a supporter of vulgarity in cyberspace and is interested in legalizing this field like many countries.

“The cornerstone of their rules is interaction in the field of Internet and communication with the world, not confrontation. With these interactions, they can pursue their own goals and plans, the interests of the people and their own security in the virtual space, and they can strengthen domestic platforms with tariffs.”

He emphasized that the basic right of people to access high-speed internet should be recognized: “This should be informed by that legislation and issues such as the security of users and the security of the country should be addressed in its framework, and all these concerns should be met.” But if the style is like the protection plan and only to block what we are facing now, the country will definitely suffer.”

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