The mystery of how to use the 819-day calendar of the Mayan civilization is finally solved! + Photo

Researchers in America have solved the mystery of the 819-day calendar of the ancient Mayan civilization. Using a long-term cycle of 45 years, they were able to determine that this calendar was used to predict the positions of all the planets in the sky.

As a civilization accustomed to 365-day years, it is very difficult for us to understand a calendar with 819 days. This calendar apparently had four obscure sections and was considered difficult to understand. Now researchers from Tulane University in Louisiana have found the purposes of using this mysterious calendar.

For this decoding, instead of looking at short periods of time on the calendar, they focus on more than 20 time periods of 819 days and found a pattern that is related to The lunar cycle (Synodic) of the planets Was. The lunar period is the distance it takes for a planet to appear at its equinox point in the sky from the perspective of an earthly observer.

How did the ancient Mayan calendar work?

20 periods of 819 days equal to 16,380 days or approx 45 years Is. If you look at the sky during this time period, you can see that this 819-day calendar exactly matches the 117-day lunar cycle. Mercury Is. Researchers say Mars With the 780-day lunar cycle, it exactly corresponds to 20 cycles of this calendar. On the other hand, Venus It requires 7 lunar periods to correspond to 5 cycles of 819 days. To Customer It takes 39 rounds to match the 19 cycles of 819 days, while 13 rounds Saturn It requires 6 cycles of 819 days.

Researchers say that instead of focusing on one or two planets, the Maya created a larger calendar that could track lunar cycles. All planets are capableTheview predict

As a result, researchers have now been able to solve a mystery that had puzzled them for years by performing some complex mathematical calculations. The results of this project have been published in the journal Ancient Mesoamerica.

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