The necessity of buying body insurance for cars of at least 600 million

This year, cars are divided into two categories, conventional and unconventional, or luxury. Insurance companies have limited the payment of damages for unusual cars And this issue makes it necessary to buy body insurance for luxury cars.

According to the insurance law this year, cars are divided into two categories, conventional or unconventional Damage payment for unusual cars is up to 600 million Tomans. That is, if an accident happens to an unusual car, the insurance company will only compensate up to 600 million tomans, and the rest must be paid from the car owner’s pocket. In such a situation, only the body insurance will help the luxury rider.

An unconventional car is a car whose value is more than half of the full diya in the forbidden months. Considering the increase in the rate of dowry this year in the amount of 1 billion 200 million tomans, Cars above 600 million Tomans as luxury or unusual cars are considered Considering the compensation limit for cars worth at least 600 million tomans, it becomes necessary to buy body insurance for luxury cars. But how is body insurance calculated and which companies should you go to?

Buying body insurance for luxury riders

Insurance companies usually calculate the price of body insurance based on five criteria. The car model and year of production, the price of car spare parts, the history of having body insurance and the amount of third party insurance discount are among the parameters for calculating the price of body insurance.. Therefore, it can be said that the amount of body insurance is different by each company, and as a result, the choice is up to the buyer. So you should look for a company that, in addition to Charge less for insurance premiums, cover more obligations in case of an accident and compensation.

In addition to the need to buy body insurance for luxury drivers and owners of unusual cars, it is not bad to know Insurance companies do not limit the payment of damage to cheap cars. Cars like Pride, second-hand models of Peugeot 206, Samand, Saina, Tiba, etc. are among the conventional cars that, if they have body insurance in the event of an accident, the owner will not be charged much.

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