The new version of Cherry Oxide VX was launched in Russia

Chery’s luxury brand, Oxid, has had a strong presence in Russia since its birth. Oxide VX was one of the large crossovers of this brand in the Russian market, which is now available in three types to Russian customers. According to unofficial news, there is a possibility of the supply of oxide products in Iran, and therefore familiarity with the specifications of these products is not without merit.

Cherry oxide

Until now, Chery Oxide VX was sold in the form of two luxury and president models. Now Chery has released a limited version of the President type with more features and appearance changes to the Russian market. Among the differences in the appearance of this version with the normal President type, we can mention the different color covers of the front and rear bumpers and the front grille. Green color has also been added to this product, but customers can still order this car with black or gray colors.

VX oxide

The interior of the limited edition Oxide VX President is decorated with brown leather and diamond stitching along with a cream color to stand out from the rest. The normal types of this car use black and white cabin. The heated seats in the first and second rows now work better than before. In addition to the seats, the headrests are now heated. USB ports and power connectors have also been added to the car.

Cherry oxide

Technical specifications of VX oxide

Despite numerous changes in appearance, the technical capabilities of the limited edition VX Oxide remain unchanged. Under the hood of this crossover is a two-liter turbocharger engine with 249 horsepower.

Cherry oxide

Seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive power transmission system are also responsible for driving Oxide VX. The purchase and selection of the limited edition President will cost 400,000 rubles for Russian customers. Therefore, the total cost you have to pay to buy a Chery Oxide VX President Limited in Russia is 5,650,000 rubles (equivalent to 73,000 dollars), but in China, the price of various models of Oxide VX is announced at around 25,000 dollars. Including the 50 thousand tomans dollar, it reaches more than one billion two hundred million tomans, and including the production costs, it reaches more than 2.5 billion tomans.

Cherry oxide

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