The new Windows 11 update was released; Bing on Taskbar and Phone Link for iOS

Microsoft is releasing a major update for Windows 11 today that brings the Bing chatbot to the operating system. In addition, in this update we see other features such as improved widgets, recording video from the screen and adding tabs to Notepad.

In line with the trend of artificial intelligence chatbots, the new Windows 11 update has a feature that even Windows insiders did not expect. This icon update Bing adds to the Taskbar search bar so that users can directly access this artificial intelligence model from within the operating system. Of course, when a user asks a question to Bing, the answer through Edge browser It is shown to him. Also, since Bing is not yet publicly available to all users, you can only use it if you have access to the preview version.

What other changes does the new Windows 11 update bring?

In addition to Bing Chat, Microsoft previewed the New version of Phone Link for iOS has brought to Windows 11. This means that now Windows users can exchange text messages (even iMessage messages), make calls and see notifications from the desktop.

System Widgets It has been improved in Windows 11 and now you can access them in full screen mode. Additionally, this update enables the use of third-party widgets from Meta and Spotify.

Microsoft’s operating system also provides a default and official tool for Video recording It is equipped from the page. This feature was previously available through Xbox Game Pass, but now through Tools Snipping Tool Used to take a screenshot, it allows you to capture a video of the entire screen or a portion of it.

If from users Notepad You are, probably from coming Tabs or tabs you will be happy with this software. application Quick Assist It has also been redesigned to make it easier for you to help your friends and family solve their technical problems. Additionally, Microsoft supports Braille displays has increased

The new Windows 11 update is available for all users today and you can install it manually. These changes will also be installed on users’ devices in the March 2023 security update.

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