The next editions of the FIFA series will be blockchain games

According to the announcement of the FIFA organization, the football games of this series will be made with blockchain technology after the completion of the cooperation with EA.

The World Football Federation recently announced that the first FIFA series games will be Web 3.0 blockchain products after the organization’s long-term partnership with EA has ended. In this regard, four FIFA blockchain games are going to be released at the same time as the Qatar Football World Cup, all of which are Web 3.0 titles and use blockchain technology in some way.

In this regard, the FIFA organization explained in a press release: “E-sports and games are some of the fastest growing opportunities for the FIFA series; Because it continues to expand into new digital spaces, platforms and games that already embrace the role of football fans. The new editions of the series, all designed with Web 3.0 in mind and the future of digital interaction in mind, will be playable during the World Cup and each will include a unique twist on the world’s biggest soccer tournament.”

The first blockchain game of the FIFA series is called AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and it was developed by Altered State Machine. This product will be a typical four-on-four football game, experienced by AI-controlled characters and players in fun and tactical moments. According to information released by Altered State Machine, the game will be released with predictive content for 10 weeks, and players who can correctly predict the actual World Cup matches within the game will receive valuable physical and digital rewards. Also, players who participate in these predictions will get four unique collections, and players under their control can use these collections in in-game competitions.

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The second FIFA blockchain game is called FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which took place in Upland Metaverse and was developed in collaboration with Uplandme. Upland is a blockchain-based metaverse where players can trade virtual assets. FIFA’s collaboration on this work will allow players to collect official FIFA World Cup digital assets, including highlights from the tournament, and travel to the stadium and the virtual World Cup village, Lusail, to purchase digital items.

The third FIFA blockchain product is FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Phygtl. This game will be the result of FIFA’s collaboration with the creators of Phygtl fan interaction mobile application. In the description of this game, FIFA says: “Fans can add a Golden Globe ball from the palm of their hand in the virtual world to their real-life environment or have a limited part of it in order to display their selected images and video moments of the World Cup. make eternal”.

Finally, the latest FIFA blockchain game is Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition. According to the press release, Matchday is a very engaging social prediction game based on football cards. According to FIFA, this game will be the digital symbol of eternal football fans.

FIFA recently ended its cooperation with Electronic Arts after nearly 30 years. FIFA 23 was the last EA Sports game to use the FIFA brand in its title. EA will change the name of its football series to EA Sports FC from next year and believes that it can start a new era with it from July 2023.

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However, in a statement in May, the head of the FIFA organization stressed that only games that have an official FIFA license will be trusted by football fans. He continued: “I can assure you that only an authentic and real game that has the name of FIFA will be the best game available for football players and fans. The word FIFA is the only global title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26 carry the constant name of FIFA until the end. This name will remain forever and will be the best.

In a separate statement in May, FIFA announced that the separation from Electronic Arts would allow them to release new soccer video games developed in collaboration with other studios and publishers, giving soccer fans and players more choice in the run-up to the cup. Qatar World Cup 2022. According to the football body, talks are ongoing with leading game publishers, media companies and investors regarding the development of a new FIFA simulation soccer game for 2024 that will compete directly with the EA Sports FC series.

However, FIFA announced that several non-simulator games are already in production and will be released in the third quarter of this year, the first of which is a worthy work of the player experience and includes the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. It seems that FIFA means this non-simulator game related to one of the introduced blockchain games. Otherwise, we have to wait for its introduction by FIFA before the start of the World Cup.

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