The number of daily users of ChatGPT exceeded 10 million people in 40 days

In recent weeks, the ChatGPT chatbot has created a lot of noise, and every day we see new news about the achievements of this OpenAI model. Now, an investment company has announced that the number of daily users of this artificial intelligence has exceeded 10 million people and has surpassed the initial growth of Instagram.

One of the directors of “ARK Invest” investment company named “Brett Winton” in a tweet announced that the number of daily users of ChatGPT has exceeded 10 million people in 40 days. Meanwhile, the number of Instagram users reached 10 million people in 355 days.

The number of ChatGPT users is increasing daily

Most likely, the number of ChatGPT users will increase in the future, although this chatbot has become a trend at the moment, and maybe this issue will change in the future and even another artificial intelligence will take its place. Of course, considering the capabilities of ChatGPT, the second issue is almost impossible, but a more advanced version of it will be published.

ChatGPT growth comparison with Instagram

The applications of artificial intelligence models are theoretically unlimited, and as more and more researchers and developers focus on them, we will see the production of more advanced models. Therefore, the competition in this space becomes more intensive and attractive.

Users have shown different reactions to Winton’s tweet. Some have been surprised by its dramatic growth, and some have said that ChatGPT is a passing fad, while Instagram continues to grow.

Despite such comments, ChatGPT is advanced enough to even scare Google, a much bigger and wealthier company than OpenAI (the creator of ChatGPT). In fact, this chatbot caused an alarm in Google and even this company asked its founders for help.

Although Google is rumored to unveil a chatbot in the future, we don’t know if it will be able to compete with ChatGPT. Of course, Google has developed many artificial intelligence models in these years, one of the newest of which is MusicLM. This artificial intelligence can turn any text into music.

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