The number of monthly active users of Microsoft Teams exceeded 300 million people

In the latest news of the technology world, Microsoft announced that the company’s communication and collaboration platform, viz Thames (Microsoft Teams), with acquisition 300 million monthly active usershas reached a new milestone.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced its financial report for the third quarter of 2023, in which the revenue 52.9 billion dollars and profit 18.3 billion dollars The tech giant is mentioned. However, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also announced during the meeting that Microsoft Teams has reached 300 million monthly active users.

The growth of Microsoft Teams over the past few years


This remarkable achievement reflects the growth and popularity of Microsoft Teams, which has been a vital tool for businesses and individuals around the world over the past few years. As Nadella points out, Teams usage is now at an all-time high, and the platform has managed to contribute to every category, including collaboration, chat, meetings and calls.

This news comes as Microsoft is reportedly planning to remove Teams from its Office suite in Europe to avoid antitrust investigations. While Redmond has said it is ready to offer its own solutions to address the EU authorities’ concerns, it remains to be seen what steps Microsoft will take to manage the situation.

However, Microsoft hasn’t made any changes to its future plans, and Teams is still set to be equipped with generative AI along with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

In its report, about the software sector, Microsoft also announced that the number of Microsoft 365 service customers increased by 12% and reached 65.4 million people. The revenue of commercial office products and cloud services increased by 13% in this quarter, and even LinkedIn’s business revenue has grown by 8%.

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