The number of players of the game Exoprimal reached more than one million people

Recently, the creators of Exoprimal shared the statistics of the number of players of their new creation.

The Capcom game studio was able to bring many successes this year with the release of two games, Street Fighter 6 and the remake version of Resident Evil 4. Not much time has passed since the official release of the game Exoprimal, the latest creation of the studio.

Now, in the latest news of the game, Capcom recently announced on Twitter that the number of players of this work worldwide and on all platforms has reached more than one million people.

Exoprimal Game Fights

The announced figure does not reflect the amount of Exoprimal game sales. It should be said that this work is also available on Game Pass subscription service. However, it must be said that this new IP of the creators of the Resident Evil and Duel May Cry game series has experienced a good start. Next, it should be said that along with the description of the statistics of the number of players of this work, Capcom announced that it plans to have a free skin for ExoSut Skywave as part of the update (Title 1) of this work to the users. The desired update will be released on August 16 of this year (August 25).

Also, this update includes 10 exosuits It will be Alpha Variant. Next, it should be said that a mode called Savage Gauntlet, which is made with a focus on PvE, will be released on July 28 of this year (August 6). In the review of the Exoprimal game, Zumji has given a score of 5 for this work. In a part of the text of the review of the game in question, written by Mohammad Sadegh Toveri, we read:

Visually, Exoprimal offers a good experience. The details of the environment, the lighting and the effects of shooting, the use of different skills and explosions are at a good level. In the meantime, the production team has also prepared various cinematic interludes so that through them it can better narrate the story of the game.

What do you think dear? Have you experienced this game? Share your views on the latest game news with Zumji and other users.

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