The official and free ChatGPT application for iPhone has been released + download link

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has released this AI-based chatbot application for iOS, and its Android version is coming soon. The ChatGPT app is available for free to iPhone and iPad users and supports features such as voice input based on OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition model, as well as syncing web chat history with the mobile app. This application is now available to American users and in the coming weeks, users in other countries will also have access to it.

Until today, OpenAI had not announced its plan to release the ChatGPT mobile application, but considering the high popularity of this chatbot, the release of this app seems logical. This AI-based chatbot was released in November last year, and since then, it has gained significant popularity.

ChatGPT app for iPhone is free

The ChatGPT app is released for iPhone users for free, just like the web version. But to use the Plus version, which provides you with more features, you have to pay $19.99 per month, which is no different from the price of this service in the web version. In Plus service, your questions are answered faster and you get access to new features like GPT-4 faster.

ChatGPT iPhone application

In its statement for the release of the ChatGPT application for iPhone and iOS, OpenAI mentioned the following:

  • Get instant answers without having to see ads or search
  • Access actionable recommendations for things like cooking, travel plans, or writing thoughtful messages
  • Get inspiring and creative ideas for things like making gifts, planning presentations or writing poetry
  • Increase productivity with things like getting feedback for ideas, summarizing notes, or getting technical help.
  • Creating learning opportunities in things like new languages ​​or history

Previously, the best way to use ChatGPT on smartphones was to use Microsoft’s Bing app, which provides access to a GPT-4-based chatbot. But now the official ChatGPT application for iPhone has been released and the number of its users is expected to increase even more.

You can download the ChatGPT application for iPhone and iPad through the app box below:

Free and paid
operating system:
42.2 MB

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