The oldest dog in the world is 31 years old! + Photo

A dog named “Bobby” recently born 31 years old has celebrated itself. The name of this dog is now registered in the Guinness Book of Records to be the oldest dog in the world. He now adds one day to this record with every day of his life.

Bobby broke records in February, just weeks after a dog named Spike took the title, and now Guinness has officially registered him as The oldest dog in the world has informed.

Babi, who was born on May 11, 1992, is of the “Rafiro do Alentejo” Is. He has lived all his life in a village in western Portugal and has never worn a collar. Bobby is the only dog ​​who survived as a child among his siblings and has lived a quiet life ever since. But now he is in the attention of the media because of this record.

Reports say that the dog is in good health. It should be mentioned that Bobby’s mother was alive for 18 years. Leonal Costa, the dog’s owner, says that his quiet environment is probably why Bobby has lived so long. In addition, his meals are the same meals that Costa cooks for himself, and of course, the company of the four cats in the house should not be overlooked.

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