The optical fiber development account is created with an initial capital of one thousand billion tomans

The Minister of Communications announced that an optical fiber network development account will be created in line with the budget law. Zarepour hopes that this will help to create 10 million optical fiber coverage by the end of the year; While the statistics of the Ministry of Communications show that at least until last year, the number of users of this service has not yet reached a significant number.

The development of optical fiber is one of the main programs of the Ministry of Communications of the 13th government, for which various lines of credit have been seen in the budget bill. In this regard, “Isa Zarepour”, the Minister of Communications, announced the formation of the optical fiber network development account and the approval of its regulations by the government board:

“Today, in the government, the regulation of clause S, note 7 of the budget law was approved. With this resolution, the “Optical Fiber Network Development Account” will be created with an initial capital of one thousand billion Tomans, which is a turning point in the financing of the national optical fiber plan for homes and businesses, and God willing, with its implementation and other measures, the path to creating ten million coverages will be smooth by the end of the year. will be.”

Fiber optic development account

Clause C Note 7 of the budget law has given the government the possibility to create an account under the name of “fiber optic” network development account with an initial source of ten thousand billion Rials in order to develop fiber optic network for homes and businesses.

The sources of this account will be obtained from the approved credits of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, such as royalties and royalties of the government from the revenues of communication users, the issue of the law allowing the determination and collection of royalties for the activities of the non-governmental sector in the field of post and telecommunications, and other related legal sources.

The resources of this account are devoted to the development of the country’s optical fiber network and the coverage and high-speed fiber-based connection of the country’s office, commercial and residential places to National Information Network will be

According to this paragraph, the Ministry of Communications, in cooperation with other institutions, must prepare the executive regulations for the creation of this account and submit it to the government board for approval no later than one month after the approval of the budget law.

Also, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is obliged to report the implementation performance of this paragraph including the amount of resources and expenses and the number of places covered and connected through optical fiber once every three months to the commissions of program and budget and calculations and industries and mines of the Islamic Council. to present

It should be noted that while the Minister of Communications promised to create 10 million fiber coverage by the end of the year, the statistics show the low number of users of this service. Currently, three million households are covered by optical fiber, but this service is only 244 thousand subscribers until the end of 1401.

The general public is interested in using high-speed and high-quality Internet service, but it seems that there is not much demand for having fiber-optic speed Internet despite the restrictions on international video-based services. It seems that the Ministry of Communications should focus part of its focus on solving the challenges of the Internet as well as the challenges of providing fiber optic service to home and business subscribers so that the number of users of this service increases in proportion to the access created.

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