The performance report of Tepsi was published in 1401

In 1401, Tapsi had an operating income of about 625 billion tomans, which is a 135% growth compared to 1400. 96% of this income comes from the commission received from drivers; The path that is the main source of income for this company at the moment. The number of users of this internet taxi driver has also increased by 50% in the last 15 months.

In implementing the provisions of Article 7 of the executive directive for information disclosure of companies registered with the stock exchange organization, Tapsi published its one-year performance report ending in 1401. It should be noted that this financial report has not been audited.

According to the published report, the operating income of this internet taxi has grown by 135% in 1401 compared to 1400; Tapsi has earned more than 625 billion tomans in the past year. The net profit of this company is also reported to be around 87 billion tomans, which shows a growth of 352% compared to 1400.


Most of Tepsi’s operating income comes from travel commissions. The average commission of this company from drivers is about 15%, which has led to an income of 601 billion tomans for this company.

Tapsi's income report

Tapsi has also earned about 21 billion tomans from telephone service, bad history of ambassadors about 2.1 billion tomans, restarting about 2 billion tomans and fines of offending ambassadors about 155 million tomans.

The value of Tepsi’s monthly travel was about 345 billion Tomans in 1401, which resulted in a monthly income of 52 billion Tomans (15% commission) for this company.

30% growth in the number of users in 15 months

Tepsi management’s interpretive report shows that this internet taxi had 2.24 million verified drivers and 23.5 million verified users in 1401. As of January 1400, the number of certified TAPSI drivers was about 1.5 million and registered passenger users were 18 million.

These statistics show that the number of passenger users of this internet taxi has increased by 30% and the number of driver users has increased by 50%.

Tapsi's annual report

One of the main reasons for the increase in the number of driver and passenger users is the expansion of this company’s activities in new cities. According to Tapsi, this internet taxi is now active in 33 cities and provides services. Out of this number, the service platform for 18 cities has been launched in 1401 and 7 cities are in the networking phase and more investment should be made by Tapsi to stabilize the position.

Last year, the number of personnel of this company was 1230, of which 698 are field marketing personnel.

The satisfaction reports of Tapsi customers in 1401 also show 85% satisfaction with Tapsi trips and 93% full satisfaction with technical support.

Tepsi’s perspective

In his interpretative report, Tapsi has talked about his vision for the coming years and becoming one of the few large technology holdings in the country. In addition to focusing on the growth of their core business (intra-city passenger transportation), they plan to enter new and related businesses to accelerate their growth. Also, the expansion of the new target market by reducing the cost of travel and “Tapsi Line” service is another goal of this collection.

Super application design is one of the programs of Tapsi company. Since in all user-oriented businesses, the synergy of services in the form of Super App and the use of the user community is widespread, Tepsi also paves the way for the growth of new businesses on the platform of Super App.

“Tepsy Pack” is one of the newest services of Tepsi, which has started its activity with the aim of reducing shipping costs. Tepsipack orders are received in a timed manner and then using an artificial intelligence algorithm, routes closer to an ambassador are assigned; According to this company, the cost of sending the package will be reduced by 40% compared to other sending methods.

You can see the full interpretive report of Tapsi management for the 12-month period ending March 29, 1401 here.

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