The PlayStation 5 Slim is likely to arrive in the third quarter of 2023

Many fans of Sony game consoles are eagerly waiting for the announcement PlayStation 5 Slim and now a new report claims that this device is The third season of 2023 It is launched on the market.

PlayStation 5 It is a large and heavy console that during its time in the market, several versions of it with lower weight have been provided to gamers. Nevertheless, we are still dealing with a large console and gamers are waiting for its slim version.

The possibility of the release of PlayStation 5 Slim in 2023

According to the report of the website The Leak, this new console will probably enter the production line in the second quarter of 2023, with a new design that will reduce its dimensions and weight, and will be available to buyers in the third quarter.

It seems that in this new console, the dimensions of the die will be reduced and it will use a lower voltage, which will result in a lower temperature. In addition, energy consumption is also reduced.

One of the reasons Sony is working on a slim version of its console is to reduce weight and, as a result, reduce shipping costs. Of course, the change in dimensions will certainly lead to a reduction in the cost of production, because less materials will be needed for production.

Along with the changes in dimensions and weight, it is possible that Sony will go for a new processor, RAM and even SSD memory or new controllers. These upgrades affect the overall performance of the console and can slightly increase its power compared to the original version.

Along with the slim version, Sony is probably also working on the Pro model, which may be launched after the slim version. PlayStation 5 Pro It will definitely be more powerful than the original, but we can’t comment on its size. We expect to see more reports about the next versions of the PS5 next year.

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