The possibility of a fundamental change of Studio 343 Industries and abandoning the Slipspace engine

Studio 343 Industries of Microsoft company will probably start all over by abandoning its game engine and going to Unreal Engine.

Not long ago, Microsoft confirmed that it will lay off 10,000 employees in various departments. At the same time, it became clear that this decision of Microsoft will affect the forces under the management of Xbox and its various game studios, such as 343 Industries. Now, it seems that along with this retrenchment, the developer studio of Halo Infinite will undergo more changes.

Studio 343 Industries recently denied rumors that it was leaving the development of future games in the Halo series, saying that it will still continue to make story and multiplayer games in the series. also Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox assured fans that the studio is still at the helm of the Halo development team. However, a recent Bloomberg report suggests that Studio 343 will have to start all over again. Following Microsoft’s layoffs, at least 95 members of 343 Industries lost their jobs.

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According to Bloomberg, the studio is making significant changes to improve performance in the future, part of which is dedicated to changing their game engine. Past reports indicate that the new Slipspace internal engine that was introduced when Halo Infinite began development included some difficult tools and caused several problems in the game’s development process. According to a Bloomberg report, 343 Industries has now abandoned the Slipspace engine and is switching its entire production line to Enrail Engine; A topic that was mentioned in previous reports.

According to reports, the developers of Halo Infinite have decided to switch their game engine to Unreal Engine several times in the past, but failed each time. Finally, the management changes of this studio Pierre Heintz instead of Bonnie Ross As the CEO of 343 Industries, he introduced this studio to change its engine to Unreal Engine. Therefore, all future games of the Halo series, such as the battle royale mode of Halo Infinite, which is being developed by Certain Affinity under the code name Tatanka, according to rumors, will be built on Unreal Engine.

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