The possibility of adding a PvP arena map and new bosses in the Elden Ring DLC

According to Elden Ring data explorers, the upcoming DLC ​​for this game may include a PvP Arena map and new bosses.

Recently, the data explorers of the 1.07 update of Elden Ring game have pointed out to find some possible items related to the future expansion pack of this game, which has already been rumored about its development. According to these people, the possible DLC for Elden Ring will include a PvP Arena mode.

Further, one of the people who explored the data of the new Elden Ring update announced that this data includes hairstyles, 6 weapons, a new PvP arena map called Colosseum, more than 30 bosses and 16 entrances to NPC or boss locations called Someone Yet Unseen are. Regarding the PvP section of Elden Ring, players can probably access this feature in two ways; The first method is to invade another player’s experience through the co-op section, and the second method is to invite a guest player through the PvP section’s summoning item.

Using Spirit Summons in Elden RIng

Therefore, if we see the new Colosseum map in the upcoming expansion pack of Elden Ring, many elements of the PvP part of the game will probably be accompanied by changes. FromSoftware has not yet confirmed the release of a new expansion pack for Elden Ring, but speculations point to the possibility of introducing this DLC at this year’s Game Awards event, which will be held next month.

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