The possibility of developing a new and unannounced game by Valve

According to details seen on the LinkedIn account of Valve employees, the company is probably developing a new, unannounced game.

Valve has spent the past few years without developing and releasing a new game, and its fans thought that this lack of work would not end. However, it seems that the company is ready to return to the era of developing multiple games. In 2020, the developer released the first-person shooter and VR game Half-Life: Alyx, to great reviews from players and critics alike.

Additionally, Valve has just unveiled Counter-Strike 2, which is due out this year. However, it seems that the studio may be developing a completely new and unique game that fans have been waiting for for years. According to the information published on the LinkedIn account of some current and former employees of Velo, the company is developing a game that has not been announced.

Portal 2 game

Valve designer Boyang Zhou’s account details show that he has been working on an unannounced game since joining the developer in January of last year. In addition, in the LinkedIn account of Michael Anderson, who worked as a stage designer for two years before leaving Wello last year, it is mentioned that during his time at this company, he worked on a game with an ambitious and never-before-seen gameplay. Is. In his account, he also mentions the design of special puzzles for this game.

Although these descriptions are vague, some fans believe that they are referring to the new game from the Portal series. Fans of the series have been waiting for a new installment for more than a decade now, but as is often the case with Valve franchises, the Portal series hasn’t been able to get past its second installment for a long time. Last year, Valve released a small spin-off of the Portal series called Aperture Desk Job as a kind of promotion for Steam Deck, which could indicate the developer’s possible desire to release a full original version of Portal in the future.

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