The possibility of developing the Horizon MMO and mobile game in cooperation with NCSoft

According to the latest report, the mobile and MMO version of Sony’s Horizon series is likely to be made in cooperation with NCSoft.

According to the South Korean financial news agency MTN, Sony has started working with NCSoft, the developer and publisher of Guild Wars mobile games, to develop a new MMO game from the Horizon series and release it on mobile. In the past, there were similar reports from reliable insider sources about the development of an MMO game from the Horizon series in collaboration with Gorilla Games and NCSoft. While the development of the game doesn’t seem to have started yet, NCSoft has already released a list of their job requirements for a game codenamed Project H.

Since 2002, NCSoft has been working as a publisher and partner of ArenaNet studio in the development of Guild Wars MMO and mobile series. After some time, the company bought the studio ArenaNet, whose members were former employees of Blizzard. This is how NCSoft became the owner of the Guild Wars series. According to various job ads published by Gorilla Games, it is believed that this new game will be in the style of mobile MMO works. Last year, before the release of Horizon Forbidden West, this Dutch studio was looking to hire experienced people in the field of MMORPG games.

Horizon Zero Dawn game cover

Also, recently, PlayStation’s job listings in Amsterdam mentioned the hiring of a senior mobile game producer, and similar conditions were mentioned in another advertisement for the hiring of a senior production manager. Next, PlayStation published a job ad for hiring a Korean language translator. Currently, the only game in development from the Horzion series that has been confirmed is Call of the Mountain, which is set to launch on the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality platform.

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